Are you looking for a new thermostat for your home? Nest Labs’ first invention was a thermostat, and their experience can be perceived in their latest product, the Nest Thermostat E.


Since Nest’s debut in 2011, competing companies rouse up, offering more affordable thermostats. However, Nest’s newest offering blends affordability with efficiency. If you’re knowledgeable about Nest’s Learning Thermostat, you’ll be familiar with the Thermostat E. As with other smart devices, the Thermostat E requires an internet connection to function.

Thermostat E, owing to Nest’s commitment to keeping their smart devices versatile, will work with your Google Home and Amazon Alexa setups. Ergo, you can enjoy the ease of issuing verbal commands to your thermostat. Furthermore, Nest’s companion app bestows upon users with remote access. The smartphone app can also alert you to any pending concerns, amongst its other features.

The Nest Thermostat E is a fairly sleek looking device. It’s composed of white plastic, although its screen bears a disappointingly low-resolution display. The screen, unfortunately, is not the only sacrifice that needed to be made to reduce the E’s price; Nest’s “Farsight” feature, where the screen brightens to help draw attention to pertinent information, had to be omitted.

Nest takes pride in their aptitude for energy saving. A silhouette of a leaf will be lit with a green glow if the E shifts into a more conservative temperature, and you can map out a schedule for it to follow. By utilizing the information gathered from your phone, the E will also learn if you’re not home and it will power down accordingly.

Nest Thermostat E's app (Image: Nest Labs)

Nest Thermostat E’s app (Image: Nest Labs)

Nest’s Thermostat E will arrive in stores this month for $169.99. CNET ultimately deemed it a “welcome addition to the smart thermostat market” in spite of its blemishes.