Motorola’s a brand name you’re likely aware of, as the hardware manufacturer has garnered a reputation of creating excellent smartphones. The Moto X4, Motorola’s latest Android phone, firmly continues that reputation.


Available now, the Moto X4’s standard retail price is $399, which is a pretty fair price for an entry-level smartphone. Amazon does have it for even cheaper, however. Owing to its entry-level nature, the X4 isn’t the most technically advanced smartphone on the market, but it’s nevertheless an option worth considering.

One asset is the X4’s sleek, clean aesthetic. Admittedly, however, the phone could be a bit too clean looking, as it seems like fingerprints and smudges would be very visible amongst the X4’s glossy sheen. A 1080×1920-pixel display spanning 5.2 inches adorns the machine, and it’s composed of Corning Gorilla Glass. Moreover, the X4’s body is water-resistant, too, with a certified IP68 rating. Therefore, your X4 should manage to survive water up to three feet deep for approximately 30 minutes.

Regarding its internal memory and hardware, the Moto X4 is fair. Its default operating system is Android 7.1. 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage is available, and the latter can be augmented with microSD cards. A Moto X4 supports Bluetooth 4.2, and a USB port and headphone jack rest on the device. The battery life is said to last “all-day,” with CNET’s testing yielding a more specific number of “12 hours and 33 minutes.” It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a reasonable length of time. Furthermore, a quick 15-minute charge will restore six hours’ worth of life to the battery. Also of note would be the Moto X4’s dual camera setup, which offers a pleasant smorgasbord of features, although the camera app did suffer from some slowdown in CNET’s experience.

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