Fitbit’s namesake series of exercise-enhancing activity trackers first adorned athletes’ wrists back in 2011, and they’ve only grown more sophisticated with each new iteration. The latest member of the family — the Fitbit Ionic — is slated to launch later this year, and with it will come a wide array of enhancements.


While prior Fitbit models, such as the Alta HR and Charge 2, have brought forth enhancements into the family, the Ionic will full-heartedly dash into the smart watch sector. The Apple Watch is the most prolific product in this sector, but Fitbit’s newcomer may give it a run for its money.

Standard Fitbit features, such as the heart rate monitor, return, and Fitbit’s smartphone app will naturally support the Ionic, too. Plus, Ionic can likewise read notifications from your Android or iPhone. However, users who have expressed disappointment with earlier Fitbits for not being water-proof will be happy to know the Ionic will finally meet that standard. Moreover, another new facet is the Fitbit Pay service. Born out of Fitbit’s acquisition of Coin, Fitbit Pay functions just as well as competing services like Apple Pay.

Also brought into the fold is Ionic’s ability to play music, although its setup won’t be as convenient as its competitors; whereas an Apple Watch, for example, will refer to its corresponding Apple Music account to play your music, you have to either manually download your favorite songs into your Ionic or utilize the Pandora app. Headphones can link up to your Ionic via Bluetooth, whilst Fitbit’s internally developed Flyer headphones will pair up automatically.

Aesthetically, the Ionic refines aspects from prior Fitbits, including the Alta and Charge 2. But from afar, one would be forgiven for thinking it resembled an Apple Watch. However, the Ionic edges out over the two in terms of battery life.

Twitter users seem to be drawing comparisons between Apple’s and Fitbit’s respective smart watches, regarding how the Ionic may rival Apple’s namesake:

You’ll be able to pick up a Fitbit Ionic sometime this October for $299.95, though you’re welcome to pre-order now. Three colorations will be available.