The ELAC Debut B6 is one of many speakers on the market and, having debuted back in September 2015, they’ve occupied a spot in the marketplace for some time. How well does it hold up?


The Debut B6 was helmed by accomplished audio engineer Andrew Jones. Having pioneered technology at four different companies, Jones has a wealth of knowledge concerning how to design capable speakers. Unsurprisingly, his experience churned out another venerable product.

CNET’s assessment was remarkably impressed with the B6’s sound output. Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France” was not only audible, its bass emitted an impressive level of clarity. Furthermore, regardless of how much they raised the volume, the bass never contorted or lost its flair. This high-quality aural standard was maintained in the other testing sessions conducted. Plus, the B6 came out strong when compared to competing, more expensive speakers — namely, the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bowers and Wilkins 685 S2.

While not particularly innovative in terms of aesthetics, the B6 looks fine. The speaker sports an inoffensive design characterized by its black coloration. A detachable, cloth grille with a similar hue also comes in the package. Cleverly, the pins that attach the grille to the speaker rest on the latter rather than the former, meaning they protrude from a study, secure machine.

ELAC Debut B6 with its grille

ELAC Debut B6 with its grille

One bass port occupies the back of the B6, along with a collection of gold-plated 5-way ports that offer connectivity with numerous devices. And in terms of its dimensions, the B6 is 14-inches tall, 8.5-inches across and 10-inches deep, and one speaker weighs about 14.3 pounds.

Jones’ latest invention blurs together great sound with an affordable price, which has been maintained since 2015. Impressive audio is timeless, thus making the ELAC Debut B6 a recommendable bookshelf speaker.

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