Aerial photography has gotten significantly more portable and selfie-centric with the addition of Zerotech’s Dobby Drone.



Only 135mm by 67mm when folded up (135mm by 145mm extended), DOBBY is an eay-to-fly, lightweight drone equipped with a thirteen megapixel camera and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. With the option of capturing 1080p HD video with a view angle of 75 degrees, it’s a mini drone that comes close to matching its larger, pricier competitors. It can also launch from the palm of your hand!


DOBBY folded up is incredibly small. Can you Find it? (Hint: look near the orange juice)

It’s portability also comes with ease-of-use. New to aerial photography? No problem, just launch the ‘Do.Fun’ App, a guided interface for helping you take everything from selfies to hiking videos. It also provides quick access to controls like shutter speed, and can set up photos on a burst or with a timer. What makes DOBBY so competitive is it’s inclusion of facial-tracking and GPS positioning, allowing the drone to essentially pilot itself and even film10-second auto-track short videos. ‘Do.Fun’ also lets you look at the photos you capture with DOBBY in real time, store them on your device, or post them straight to social media platforms.

You can pilot the drone through a companion app available for iOS and Android devices, and optical flow allows for safe indoor positioning.

According to a recent CNET review, the biggest disadvantage to DOBBY is the battery life. Users only get nine minutes of continuous air time, and the quick charging batteries require forty-five minutes to replenish. Still, it might be worth spending the AU$59 required for each extra battery.

There has been a surge in cheaper and more portable drones, and Zerotech’s DOBBY is the latest, smallest, and cost-effective option out there for all enthusiasts, from novice to experts. Reasonably priced, it’s worth considering as your next—or first—drone.


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