Computer conglomerate Dell is no stranger to video game-friendly machines, but their latest crack in that market may be one of their most sophisticated projects yet. The Dell Visor was revealed back in May, but more information regarding the upcoming headset was recently made public on August 28.


Microsoft partnered with Dell for this endeavor, granting Dell’s Visor the same technology that powers the Microsoft HoloLens. Ergo, the HoloLens’ inside-out tracking cameras are accounted for, still supplying users with a complete panoramic view.

Dell prides the Visor’s design, from its sleek aesthetic to the comfortable materials that render it easy to play with. Even the cords on the back of the unit are positioned in a manner that’s conducive to moving around. A 1,440 x 1,440 resolution greets gamers, and you can flip up the eyepiece to quickly shift from your game to reality. Dell Visor Controllers can also enhance the immersion.

Dell Visor

TechRadar’s experience with the Dell Visor was a positive one, assuring us of how comfortable it is to wear. TheVerge echoed the opinion, noting how it was uncharacteristically light for a VR headset. Both sites affirm how the Visor is easy to adjust, meaning most people should find a configuration that makes it easy to wear.

Notably, TechRadar spoke with Dell’s Joe Olmsted, who acknowledged how the market for “fast twitch gaming” is rather saturated, so they’re more so focusing on “livestreaming, YouTube, watching a thematic movie. It’s like IMAX in your living room.”

Patrons who are eager to launch into augmented reality gaming can secure a Dell Visor for $349.99 later this year. The Visor will be available through Microsoft, as well as through Best Buy’s website and select stores.

Moreover, controllers will cost $99.99, and a bundle containing the Visor and two controllers will retail for $449.99. While intended to allow for an affordable entry into Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, the minimum price is still rather expensive. However, if you want a future-proof piece of tech, this is a solid option.

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