Netgear is revising their security camera line with a new member, the Arlo Pro 2. Affirming the security of your property is important, so how well does Netgear’s newest device handle that task?


In spite of the numerical addendum closing out its name, the Arlo Pro 2 primarily refines the foundation set by its predecessor, the Arlo Pro, and adds in some requested features it lacked. A particularly noticeable enhancement is in its resolution, which was boosted from 720p to 1080p. You can also set guidelines for when the camera should alert you, such as if someone is trespassing on your property. However, it will know not to bother you if someone is instead walking along the sidewalk.

Netgear plans to start a subscription service, though it won’t be mandatory. The basic plan will allow you to retain seven days worth of recordings through Cloud storage, with 1GB of data available to you. Moreover, you’ll be permitted to use up to five cameras, and you’ll receive “limited support” for three months. Both of the paid plans allow you to save more recordings, use more cameras and receive unlimited support. Monthly and yearly payment options are available.

Arlo Pro 2 and its accompanying smartphone app host a wealth of features to ensure your property is safe, from water resistance to potential 24/7 surveillance. One luxury is how, thanks to its low power capability, the camera remembers the three-seconds that transpired prior to it being triggered. The Pro 2 is powered by its rechargeable batteries or through a power cord. Moreover, Netgear’s latest camera is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, IFTTT and Stringify.

Numerous buying options are available depending on your needs. The cheapest option, one camera, costs $229.99 through Amazon. Two cameras is the default option, which has a suggested retail price of $479.99. The most expensive option available is six cameras, totaling $949.99. Pricier packages may come with extras, such as an Ethernet cable.