Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the newest entrant in the recent trend of smart buzzers. Blending the role between a security camera and a door bell, these devices promise to


While other options, such as Skybell’s WiFi Doorbell, occupy the same niche, the biggest advantage to the Video Doorbell Pro is its compact size. At 1.85 inches wide, the Pro will likely rest on your doorframe, whereas competing models are significantly bigger. Thus, if size is a concern, then the lower girth of the Pro is a point in its favor. However, the Pro must be hardwired, although its installation isn’t arduous.

The Doorbell Pro displays its recordings in 1080p, which is always nice for these devices. Furthermore, the camera is augmented with motion capture and night vision, and live view allows you to scan your property at any time. The Pro will survey a radius spanning 160 degrees.

Akin to other home surveillance products, Ring’s camera comes with its own app for iPhones and Androids. Windows 10 and Mac computers are compatible, too. Therein, you can constantly monitor your home and receive alerts should something arise. Furthermore, should someone arrive who demands your attention, you can remotely chat with them.

However, one drawback to the Video Doorbell Pro is the monthly subscription. In order to access Ring’s cloud storage, there’s a monthly fee of $3. However, accepting it will allow access to all of your stored footage, which will be maintained for up to 60 days. You can exchange your videos with others, too.

Four different colorations are available: satin nickel, venetian, satin black and pearl white. Conveniently, the faceplates for all four hues are included in the box. $249 is the default price for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.