Brooklinen’s “Softest Super-Plush Bath Towels” are now on sale.

They are listed on Brooklinen’s website as 10% off, coming in at just $62.10. For that price, you receive two 30″ x 58″ towels. The towels come in both “essential” and “limited edition” colors. Under essential colors are white, cream, smoke, graphite and marled black. Colors in the limited-edition category are ink blue (currently sold out), caramel and ochre.


The website lists the towels as made from 100% Turkish cotton, which they say produces the strongest and smoothest yarns. Brooklinen uses the Z-twist weave which is much less prone or pulling or pilling than the standard S-weave other companies use. The towels are also OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety.

Reviewers rave about the towels, ranking them 4.8 stars. There are nearly 2,000 reviews, with 88 percent of reviewers giving the towels 5 stars.

One of the best reviews from their website read:

“Had this set for a year now and everything looks great and still feels posh. Yes, I feel like I’m living my best hotel towel life at home every time I shower. My partner was distraught that he had paid more for his towel set that felt *gasp* rough! compared to my set. I laundered with regular detergent and added a bit of vinegar and heat for good measure. –Ming C.

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