Months after Playstation retrofit its motion controllers to its VR headset, and other virtual reality products struggling to complement their systems with easy-to-use controllers, VR heavyweight Oculus has at long last released their version. Oculus’s Touch Controllers are lightweight, easy-to-use, and are redefining full motion in the virtual world.


Made of a black plastic, rounded handle aesthetic—designed to fit comfortably for each respective hand—the controller comes equipped with analog sticks; two face buttons; triggers, which your index fingers rest on; and grip buttons underneath your middle fingers. A pared down version of the traditional joystick, the unique front-facing rings, while futuristic, provide a smoother motion tracking experience. The size reduction promotes extended VR gameplay, more so than the HTC

The size reduction promotes extended VR gameplay, more so than the HTC Vive, for instance. Built with virtual reality in mind, no longer will you be fumbling blindly for buttons. To further enhance the hand-controller connection, Oculus included capacitive-feedback for each button (i.e. the same vibration on your Macbook mousepad or iPhone home button), letting you know when you are actually pressing or even touching it. Devindra Hardawar of Engadget praised the new feature, saying, “I’ve had game controllers in my hand since I got an NES at age 5, but the Oculus Touch are the first to feel as if they’re practically extensions of my body.”


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Oculus Touch Controller

Unlike many contemporary game controllers, the Oculus Touch Controllers use AA batteries instead of a rechargeable option. Playtime will, therefore, last upwards of 30 hours; 20 if you utilize the haptic button feedback. While the controllers come with an additional room sensor, the whole system is still not the best when it comes to full room play, unless you buy a third sensor for $79. Set-up, however, is easy and the Rift will take you through a fun and engaging process, which includes establishing a boundary of playable free space in your room.

The long-awaited controllers are not just a quick-fix, but also an entirely improved way to game, especially now the VR has further entered mainstream markets. The Touch offers essential VR gameplay improvements.

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