When you’re driving around unfamiliar territory, there’s a chance you may need directions. While this is a utility that smartphones and GPS accessories can provide, they might tempt you to look away from the road as you confer with them. The brand new Navdy, conversely, evolves the GPS concept in a new direction, but is it worth getting on board with?


The biggest divergence Navdy has from similar tools is its placement; whereas smartphones and GPS machines are nestled near the driver’s seat, Navdy’s screen is situated right in front of it – so you will always have a clear view of the map while you’re driving. And, to fend away any temptations to check your phone for notifications, that information is displayed too.

Installing Navdy may not be the easiest process, however; it requires your vehicle’s OBD-II port, which may be a hassle to unearth. Additionally, the wire that protrudes from the port all the way up to the device isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing way to adorn an accessory in your car. (However, some clips are included to ensure the wire will remain stationary.) And positioning Navdy will also require some trial and error. Ultimately, it isn’t an overly complicated installation process, but it is time consuming.

One peripheral that’s included in the package is a small wheel that attaches to the driving wheel. There’s a button in the center too, making it easy to shift through Navdy’s intuitive menus. Alternatively, you can also gesture motions with your hand to issue commands, although Gizmodo’s testing noted how this input method could have been more reliable. However, getting the most utility mandates that you sync your smartphone with Navdy after downloading its app.

Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle in recommending Navdy is its expensive price point: $499.99. It does provide a unique, overall high-quality GPS, but more reasonably priced devices can provide the essentials even without Navdy’s more sophisticated features. However, if you’re on the road a lot and demand something more advanced than your standard GPS, then Navdy might make sense.

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