Since launching in 2013, Muzik has kept audiophiles at the edge of their seats waiting for a new revolutionary set of headphones. The revolution arrived a few months ago in with Muzik One, and it’s a social one.


Unique to the wireless headphones are the programmable hotkeys pressable on the right side of the ear. Use these buttons to swipe through your Spotify playlist, follow artists and perform standard operations like play and pause with just a tap. If you so desire, those taps can also be changed to swipes for a more fluid way to shuffle through various commands. With endless customization, these keys can integrate with your favorite smartphone apps, via the Muzik Connect app. A recent Engadget review also suggests that the headphones can even power smart home products like Nest. Voice commands are also a powerful feature, and the headphones can tell you about weather, battery life, the current time, and of course, the current song. Never worry about losing your connection, as the 50ft Bluetooth range will keep you listening.

A centerpiece feature of Muzik One is the ability to share where you are and what you were listening to. Mapping those buttons to Facebook or Twitter will send a 30-second preview of the song to your feed, complete with the automatic hashtags, #NowPlaying and #ConnectSmarter, along with the song’s name. For those who incorporate music tastes into their online brand, this feature is essential.

Engadget further reports that the claim of thirty hours battery life holds water, and the 40mm custom tuned drivers deliver premium sound that matches higher-end headphones. Passive noise isolation—which comes from the ear cushion and not any internal mechanism—eliminates the majority of environmental sound, but doesn’t compare to other systems. If you are one of many who have difficulty finding the perfect fitting headphones, the cushions are interchangeable, with various sizes to fit your needs.  If you don’t want to use a Bluetooth connection, Muzik One also comes with a standard 3.5mm jack, but be warned: you will loose the touch controls. Touted as the “smartphone of headphones,” the Muzik One charges like smartphone too, with a micro-USB charging port.

The Muzik Ones are a premium headphone that prioritizes social connectivity and futuristic touch-controls, but can still rival the sound quality of other devices.

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