While smartphones include a camera or cameras as a part of their standard feature sets, devices dedicated to that function still have their place, offering quality and features that exceed those of an Android or iPhone. Now, the Leica TL2 Camera is ready to help you capture the artsy photos you want.


On the surface, the TL2 closely resembles its predecessor, the TL. However, while they may share their elegant aesthetics and aluminium material, the TL2 improves its capabilities with a new 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. Ultimately, this new component ensures vivid, bright pictures regardless of whatever lighting conditions you may find yourself in. And when you need to record fluid videos, you can do so in fullHD or 4K resolution.

Leica TL2 Camera

Leica TL2 Camera

The TL2’s screen is 3.7 inches. Moreover, it’s a touchscreen that allows easy access to its user-friendly menu. Leica’s “MyCamera” function takes this usability a step further by allowing you to configure it “for your own particular style of photography.” Specifically, the TL2 offers an ISO range of 100-50,000, which is a marked improvement from Leica’s previous TL camera. Also, the shutter speeds range from 30 to 1/40,000 seconds, and the TL2 scores 49 autofocus points.

The machine hosts 32GB worth of internal memory, although SD cards can be inserted to extend that amount. One significant nicety is the HDMI port, which renders it easy to connect the TL2 to a TV or monitor. Plus, the USB 3.0 allows you a hassle-free way to charge the camera.

Another appreciated luxury of the TL2 is its extensive Wi-Fi features. Once synchronized with your setup, you can send your photographs over to your computer or smartphone. Furthermore, your smartphone can wirelessly connect to and control your TL2 via an app.

The Leica TL2 Camera comes in two shades: black and silver, with either option costing $1,950.

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