Technological advancement holds no bounds, especially in the kitchen. The modern-appliance company June offers an oven that is so hi-tech, it will change the way we think about cooking gadgets. uInterview’s review of the June Oven gives you The Good and The Bad unvarnished.

June Oven Review

THE GOOD: The biggest thing that the June Oven has going is its technologically advanced features. The June Oven comes with a Nvidia smart-chip, which makes it one of the most intelligent kitchen appliances in the market today. There is a built-in camera which allows someone to monitor their food from their cellphone. The camera also identifies food types, allowing the oven to adjust cooking modes depending on the food. The oven is well-sized, has CPU-controlled fans and carbon-fiber heating elements. These features let the oven preheat quickly and evenly cook the food as well. Also, the new-age modern look has rated well with many reviewers.


Bad: The June Oven is pricey, available at a cost of roughly $1500. Some foods might not work well with its functionality.

If you’re looking to make your cooking less challenging and have the money for it, the June Oven might be for you. Although it is expensive, it is the next step in cooking technology and an exciting device to have in any kitchen.

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