HP is an established quantity in the computer world, having manufactured countless machines for years. One of HP’s series of computers, the Spectre series, has become a pillar for those who need reliable partners. Now, its newest iteration, the HP Spectre x360 13, has been announced, and it looks like a strong laptop is about to get even better.


HP has been listening to feedback, and two improvements have been made thanks to it: longer battery life and more effective cooling measures.

HP values your security, so an inferred webcam and a fingerprint reader are built-in to ensure yours is safe. One appreciated feature this Spectre gains is HP’s Sure View privacy enhancing tool. A simple button press will veil your display, rendering it impossible to read unless you’re right in front of it. HP integrated this luxury into their Elitebook series last year. However, this feature will cost an extra $100.

It’s a laptop of significant weight and size, respectively resting at 2.8 pounds while its dimensions are 0.5 by 12 by 8.5 inches. While its battery life will vary depending on the strenuousness of the programs you’re running, it can last for up to ten hours. Some of the requisite inputs are covered, including two USB-C ports (featuring Thunderbird 3), a USB 2.0 port and a headphone jack. Eightieth-generation Intel chips power the machine, too.

Akin to other x360 devices, the 13’s screen can rotate at various angles, even allowing you to use it as a tablet. (Given how the 13 works with a Windows Ink pen, budding artists out there will likely maximize this feature.) Moreover, this particular 13.3-inch screen deliveries 4K visuals.

The HP Spectre x360 13 is available on HP’s online store, pre-orders will begin shipping by Nov. 3. You may also pre-order at Best Buy.

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