The HP Spectre combines ultra-slim portability with larger computing power, offering an update on the traditional clamshell laptop that is sure to impress, and make up for the lack of a touchscreen.


At just 10.4mm thick, the Spectre truly is the world’s thinnest laptop, with the 13-inch device weighing in at 2.45 pounds. It’s also durable, with and edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass display that prevents scratches. Smokey gray with gold accents, noticeably around the hinge, the laptop lives up to its name, and looks like something James Bond would tote around in between missions. Packed with 8gb RAM and an Intel Core i processor—which required HP to design a new cooling system that brings air in rather than just venting it out—any level of work is possible.

HP Spectre

Equipped with Windows 10, Spectre is a PC built for productivity, and it’s battery will keep it that way, lasting up to nine hours. A recent CNET review laments the exclusion of a touchscreen, which limits the number of available Windows features, such as multi-touch gestures for navigating and managing multiple apps and windows. HP compensates by including HP Audio boost for maximum loudness and clarity (they collaborated with audio masters Bang & Olufsen) and an HD IPS display, which makes images bright and clear at any angle.

A disadvantage to the Spectre is its lack of ports. Equipped solely with USB-C, adapters are required to extend the full range of the device, but will of course work with the latest smartphones and portable tech that use the same plug. The Spectre falls into a range slightly above other Windows10 portable touchscreen devices, like Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Regardless, carrying the bragging rights of owning the world’s thinnest laptop—and a powerful one at that—might sway your decision.

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