Google is a company that’s synonymous with technological quality and innovation. In fact, since the inception of their versatile search engine, Google has become intrinsically linked with improving our internet experiences. And the Google Wifi is ready to help enhance your own personal Wi-Fi setup.


Google’s Wifi device works in lieu of a router to improve your wireless internet coverage across your home. It’s a hassle-free device to set up and its automatic updates ensures it will keep itself up-to-date with the latest security protocols.

There are two prerequisites for setting up the Google Wifi: you’ll need a Google Account, and you’ll need an internet-enabled iOS or Android smartphone. The device itself doesn’t have a web-based browser to configure it, instead doing so through its mobile app. Once the Wifi machine is synched with Google’s servers, they will remain linked. An ongoing connection to Google is required for the Wifi to function.

According to Google, they will not collect information on which websites you visit. However, the details they will collect – including your “Wi-Fi channel, signal strength, and device types” – can be modified through the privacy settings. Furthermore, the app gives you a user-friendly interface, which itself hosts useful features; these include the ability to deactivate the Wi-Fi during scheduled periods, such as when your kid should be asleep or studying, or the ability to prioritize one device to focus your broadband towards. However, CNET’s reviewer lamented the lack of advanced customization options.

Multiple Google Wifi units can be employed throughout your household, in which case the first one to be installed will function as the primary router. One unit spans 1,500 feet, although subsequent units will augment your coverage. Notably, the design of the Google Wifi is clean and elegant, if not particularly extravagant.

The Google Wifi costs $129.99 per unit, although a bundle containing three can currently be purchased through Amazon for $269.99. Google offers 24/7 phone customer service support, and the Wifi is covered under a one-year warranty.

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