Keeping in shape can be challenging to do, but smart devices exist which can make it easier. Fitbit is known for producing such devices, which serve as helpful pedometers. The Fitbit Charge 2 is the latest in the line’s lineage, but does it properly iterate and build upon its predecessor, the Charge HR?


The standard functions the Fitbits are known for are accounted for. With the Charge 2 on your wrist, it will keep count of how many steps you’ve travelled and how many calories have been burned. The Charge 2 is primarily channelling the Fitbit Charge HR, however, inheriting its long-lasting battery. Under ordinary circumstances, your companion will last five days, and the information obtained from it can then be used to enhance your routine.

Fitbit Charge 2

Running with your friends and Fitbit Charge 2  (Image: Fitbit)

The OLED screen presents this information to you. As for how long this intel is maintained, your minute by minute readings are kept for seven days, and your daily summaries will cover the last 30 days. Furthermore, the Fitbit’s smartphone app obtained a fresh batch of improvements, making it an essential tool.

Also, the screen can display the various notifications you’ll receive as your day progresses, such as text messages and phone calls. However, CNET’s experience with this feature wasn’t entirely satisfying; you (understandably) can’t respond to received texts, and the notifications scrolled at a slow speed.


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You can also enjoy guided breathing sessions during your day should you need to unwind for a moment. Ultimately, however, the biggest weakness is probably that the Charge 2 isn’t water-proof. A brief splash shouldn’t damage your device, but you might want to leave it home on rainy days.

The Fitbit 2 is available in different colors, and every package comes with a Fitbit, a classic wristband and a charging cable.

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