Now in the era of Apple Airpods, the race is on to create the best pair of wireless headphones. Months before Apple ditched its audio jack and ushered in a renewed craze for wireless, Bragi had already been experimenting with a pair of truly wireless buds. Their first venture, The Dash, offered wireless pods and fitness tracking. Now, Bragi has trimmed off the excess to present Bragi Headphones, a pair of earbuds that now have one of the best and most stable connections out there.

BRAGI Wireless Headphones Review

The headphone comes as a pair of plastic wireless earbuds housed in a plastic traveling case. You can charge from the case, but it has no battery for replenishing charge on-the-go. However, with Bragi claiming up to six hours of battery life, you probably won’t miss that feature (a recent Engadget review more-or-less confirms the battery life). Connected to your phone or mp3-player through Bluetooth, the headphones maintain consistent audio. They also offer VersantTM advanced voice technology, so that conversations remain clean even on windy or noisy days. With Knowles®Balanced Armature Speakers, The headphone also deliver a dynamic stereo experience.

The headphones have a design that offers a mix between cheaper buds and more high-end audio devices. Bragi has opted for physical buttons, which means users must push the bud into their ear in order to control volume or play controls. However, three different FitTip sizes keep the buds comfortable and firmly in place. Engadget suggests that because the buds fit flush in your ear, they are even less conspicuous.


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Like many new headphones, Bragi wireless headphones come equipped with Audio Transparency. This feature can remove environmental noise from audio or mix it in; mixing in the outside noise can make you more aware of your surroundings.

While early reviews report that the audio quality sounds average and none-too-impressive, Bragi has made a huge leap forward in crafting truly wireless headphones with a great connection and a great battery. They are not only cheaper than the Apple Airpods, but also offer quality worth investing in.


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