Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee in the morning? Well, those who are stuck with an old coffee brewer might not. Finding a good coffee brewer at an appealing price-point can be challenging, but Bonavita’s Metropolitan 8-Cup brewer has made that search much more manageable.


A Bonavita Metropolitan 8-Cup brewer traditionally retails for about $100, although it currently can be found for $85.62 at Amazon. With a brew taking over seven minutes to make, more expensive brewers are faster than Bonavita’s budget-friendly machine.

Nevertheless, the taste of the coffee produced by the Metropolitan was found to be “surprisingly good” in CNET‘s experience. Although the finer points of its technology didn’t quite match up to Bonavita’s Connoisseur, it still supplied all of the flavors of the coffee beans used. An optional pre-infusion mode allows you to saturate the beans before the roast, helping to bring forth their flavors. It also emits an alert to inform you when your coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

This brewer’s biggest flaw is its lack of a thermal carafe. Instead, it uses one made of glass, so if you like to take your time and savor your coffee, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it will cool down after an hour or so. Its warming plate will keep your beverage heated for 45 minutes after it finished brewing, however, and this is nevertheless a commendable machine if you need a frequent influx of the drink.

Owing to its cheaper price, this Metropolitan brewer has a plastic finish, meaning it could clash visually with your kitchen’s aesthetic. However, it doesn’t look unappealing, and the ripple pattern adorning the bottom of the carafe is a pleasant detail. Its dimensions are 2.60″ by 6.80″ by 12.20″.

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