Amazon’s accessible tablet line is being revised for 2017. The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet will maintain a welcoming price point while offering a modest upgrade.


Initial models were released as the Amazon Fire, but the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet will offer some enhancements in addition to the addendum at the end of its name. The device itself is more compact with its somewhat smaller design, along with a proportional reduction in its weight. The image quality, while still 1024 x 600, gains improved contrast adding more clarity.

A 2 MP rear-facing camera is featured, which can shoot pictures or record videos in 720p. If you wish to Skype with your friends and associates, a front-facing camera is included, too. The tablet’s internal memory will be 8 GB or 16 GB. If that’s inadequate, a microSD card can be inserted for as much as 256 GB of removable storage. The battery life was also lengthened, so the Fire 7 Tablet will last up to 8 hours before needing to be recharged.

Amazon boasts of their engineers’ aptitude in building durable creations. According to their tests, the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is better equipped to handle damage than Apple’s most recent iPad. Amazon also adds that it’s twice as durable as the iPad mini 4, and it’s cheaper as well.

Amazon’s Alexa is now powering their 7-inch tablet, granting a wealth of functionality. Of her many talents, Alexa can provide answers to your questions and she can share news with you. If you’re feeling down, she can even tell a joke to cheer you up.

The standard functionality one would expect of a modern tablet is accounted for: you can watch your favorite television shows, you can read Kindle eBooks, you can listen to your favorite songs and you can play games. And if you’re a subscriber to Amazon Prime, Showtime or Netflix, you can log in and stream videos.

June 7 is when the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet will launch. Pre-orders are currently up on Amazon’s page. The standard model will cost $49.99, whereas the Fire 7 Kids Edition will cost $99.99. The latter option is larger and losses the Alexa component, but it gains a protective casing and a “2-year worry-free guarantee.”

Furthermore, four colors will be available for the standard model: Marine Blue, Canary Yellow, Punch Red and Black. The kids’ iteration defaults to black, but the case it’s bundled with can come in yellow, pink or blue.

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