Her fabulous frocks are worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan and Julianne Moore. Here, Kalinka talks about Fashion Week and her design muses.


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    I’ve seen her dresses Bergdroffs and they are amazing!

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Q: Fashion Week in New York is upon us, what is the difference between designing for a big company and designing for yourself as you do? - Erik Meers

Though I've never designed for a big company, but I'll bet one has to do a lot more work designing for yourself! I'm a woman designing for other women. When I'm designing, I am always trying to discover something new and beautiful that will delight other women six months, a year from that moment. It's a continual, fascinating search for me, "What can I invent that other woman will relate to and think "it's beautiful" too!

Q: Is dressing a celebrity different than dressing an average woman? - EM

It's always wonderful to work with actresses, and I’ve had some absolutely amazing celebs wear my clothes. But, I must say, I enjoy all of my customers and the person I’m most concerned with is the one reflected back in that dressing room mirror when a woman’s trying on my clothes. All of my customers are my "celebs."

Q: How would you describe your aesthetic? - EM

I love old-world elegance. I want my dresses to make one feel like they are ready to step into the Casino in circa 1950's–'60's Monaco or like Maria Callas stepping onto Ari's yatch, or that they're an Italian '60's movie actress at Cinecitta!

Q: Without giving anything away, can you tell us what trends you see for the Spring '09 collection? - EM

Color! Color and lightness. I'm working with really beautiful soft aquas and citrines and pinks and lilacs!

Q: Do you look to have a unifying theme in your collection? - EM

Just that every dress be gorgeous!

Q: What's the most stressful thing about Fashion Week? - EM

Finishing, of course, but I don't let it stress me out anymore.

Q: What sort of look do you like for models? - EM

I love a model that looks like a woman!

Q: Is there an essential Kalinka piece? - EM

Yes, we' have something that's developing into our signature, it's our Star Dress. It's a style that has evolved over time into the perfect dress to go to cocktail parties, out to dinner, to weddings, and many woman have even been married in it. We sell it constantly.

Q: What's the one piece of clothing every woman should own? - EM

Well, I think I have to say a Kalinka Dress! By that I mean, a special dress that she can always count on that fits her perfectly, makes her feel great and makes her friends ask her where she got it!

Q: What's one easy thing that a woman can do to improve her wardrobe? - EM

Have great shoes! The right shoe can change everything!