Elle Evans burst into the national consciousness this summer as "the gorgeous topless blonde holding the lamb" in Robin Thicke's hugely popular "Blurred Lines" music video, featuring Pharrell and T.I. "The lamb was really sweet — she just wanted to nuzzle up in my neck," Evans told Uinterview exclusively, answering fan questions. "She was putting all this pressure on my lower back trying to support her, but I still had to try and look hot."

Though we get an eyeful of Elle in the "Blurred Lines" video, Evans wasn't uncomfortable with the exposure. "I only saw a great opportunity to strut my stuff and have a good time with it," Evans told Uinterview. "I felt comfortable because, even though I was topless, no one was touching me. It wasn't even anything sexual, really."

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Q: What did you first think when the director of 'Blurred Lines' told you that you were going to be topless in the video? - John

I thought it was going to be great. I'm not really one for negativity, so I only saw a great opportunity to strut my stuff and have a good time with it.

Q: What was the atmosphere like on set? What was your greatest memory from it? - DanPatrick

The atmosphere was really comfortable. I didn't really feel like I was there for a job. I felt like I was hanging out with my friends, and my friends were Pharrell and T.I., which was awesome. My best memory I think was the reaction from people when they found out that my feet were going to be on Robin's face. The people on his team — makeup, hair and wardrobe — when they heard, they were like, 'What? Oh my god! Oh my god, no way!' I thought it was great.

Q: Did you know that while you were filming the video that this was going to be something big or did it just seem like another job? - BronAyre

No, I can never be too sure about things like this. I can never know if they're going to be big or not. But I kind of had the idea because Robin, Pharrell, and T.I. are all really big artists. When I got the call back and I had the song stuck in my head, and I didn't know any of the words, but I thought, 'This is really groovy.'

Q: Robin Thicke is known as being a bit of a ladies' man. What was he like to work with on set? - TaraSimon

I heard that before, that he is a ladies man, but this was the only time I've hung around him. He was so strictly professional that I can only judge him off of that. He was always like that in the studio. He wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. 'Are you hungry?' 'Do you need a break?' He wanted to make sure we had everything we needed so we could do our job to the best of our ability.

Q: What was the experience like holding the lamb? How long did you have to do it for? - MIKOE

The lamb was really great actually. She just liked me. Pharrell went to hold her at one point, and I guess he wasn't holding her correctly. She was trying to sit and get away from him. You really had to support her and make her feel secure so that she didn't think she would fall. It was really sweet, she just wanted to nuzzle up in my neck. But after a good 15 or 20 minutes, she got really heavy all of sudden. Especially in that shot, in the opening, where I'm kind of of almost walking her, she was so heavy, and she was putting all this pressure on my lower back trying to support her, but I was still trying to look hot. It was funny.

Q: What are some important qualities you think teenage girls should have to prepare themselves for life? - MissDubstepx

That is a very good question. It has to do a lot with your family, I think. People aren't always fortunate to have a really strong, solid family, that's a good foundation. If you don't have that, you can still work with what you do have. It's important for young girls to have a strong sense of self worth. You have to feel like you're number one, and you have to look out for number one. And more and more in the world, if you're not looking out for yourself, no one's looking out for you. Don't walk around, like, 'Oh, I'm better than everyone else,' or anything like that but don't let anyone devalue your worth. Everyone is amazing and unique in their own way. Just do what makes you happy.

Q: You've been a bit critical of Miley Cyrus's performance on the VMA's. What was your opinion of it? - Jimalita

I really don't want to come off as overcritical of Miley because I really like her as an artist, I do. But the only thing that I didn't like so much, and okay, I sound like an old lady when I say this, but I'm serious - if you think about how many young people look up to Miley, and a lot of her fans are under the age of 21, they will think that it's okay for them to act like that, and it's really not. I don't know, I think she's great. I think she's adorable, I do. But when I said I was 'appalled' by her performance, I just meant that I was like 'really?' If she wanted to be extreme, I think she could have come up with something better.

Q: As promised via fb, this isn't a question. Just showing some love! Keep up the good work Elle!!! Funny how so much has changed in recent years and your career has been amazing. Keep up the hard work and always being a great girlfriend, sister, daughter, and friend to all! :) Love, Shaun - ShaunFlukejPinto

Q: are you into s&M? - GrinindaPramanta

Q: Why did you change your name from lindsey gayle to elle evans? - BeccaBarfield

Q: Did you feel that Miley's performance was tacky, versus the 'Blurred Lines' video, which people have referred to as 'tasteful' and 'beautiful?' - Uinterview

I've been asked before if I thought she was trying to imitate the video and no, not at all. That's not what this video is like at all. Even though she performed with Robin Thicke, that's about all that was the same. It was very extreme, and she wanted to be extreme because she wanted to make history. Britney did it, Madonna did it, and now Miley did it. But Britney and Madonna did it well. I don't know. I'm not one to judge anybody, but I thought she could have done better. Before I saw the performance, I loved the song, and I still wanted to listen to it. Maybe it was just a turning point where I was like, 'Okay...'

Q: Are you comfortable when you are nude on a set around other people? - Dana

I definitely am, but I always do check to make sure that it's something that I feel comfortable with. The 'Blurred Lines' video, I felt comfortable because, even though I was topless, no one was touching me. It wasn't even anything sexual, really. I love the female body. I like men obviously, but I think the female body should be celebrated. If we weren't meant to be seen naked, we wouldn't be born that way.