Mary Elizabeth Winstead, star of Chris Messina’s directorial debut Alex of Venice, spoke with Uinterview about her role in the film along with her co-stars Derek Luke and Katie Nehra.

The actors each gave Uinterview some insight into their characters, and revealed what they believed was at the core of the film.

Winstead plays the lead, Alex, an environmental lawyer and mother of one, whose husband, played by Messina, leaves her at the beginning of the film. Winstead revealed that her character is forced to redefine herself as “a mother, and a lawyer, and a sister, and a daughter and a new woman.”

"It’s just sort of her, I guess, sort of dealing with all of these relationships, and some new relationships, and some old relationships, and trying to figure out her new life,” Winstead added.

For Nehra, who plays Alex’s sister, Lily, said that she found the film to be about family, stating, “family is always there for you and they will come through.”

Luke, who plays Frank, an entrepreneur who goes up against Alex in court, joked that he liked to look at the movie as “Frank helps Alex find her groove,” adding that his character has a “little friendly clash about life” with Alex.

For the actors, one particularly interesting aspect of the film was the way it interprets the evolution of household gender roles. Alex’s husband, George, for example, is a stay at home dad until he leaves Alex and their 10-year-old son, putting a twist on the classic Kramer vs. Kramer plot where the business man has to learn how to take care of his kids. Watch the interview above to hear their thoughts on gender roles in the family.

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