When the U.S. Olympic team congregates in London for the 2012 Summer Games' Opening Ceremony, they will be decked out in threads designed by classic American designer Ralph Lauren. While the men will wear sports shirts and ties and the women will don knee-length, cream silk skirts and scarves, athletes of both genders will wear double-breasted blazers and what David Lauren (Ralph's son) calls "really fun berets."

Berets? "The last time we did berets on the Olympic team, it's amazing, online they sold out by the end of the opening ceremony," David told USA Today.

The peak lapels on each Olympic blazer will be embroidered with an official U.S. Olympic Games patch and a Big Pony logo. "We wanted something that felt very classic, very elegant but at the same time would be easy enough and comfortable enough for the athletes to feel good," David added.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte (pictured), who modeled Lauren's look, praised the designs for their "very clean-cut" look. "The collaboration is great because Ralph Lauren's style of clothing fits the style of the all-American athlete," he said.

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