Jared Leto won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture on Sunday night, and delivered quite the acceptance speech, mentioning that his role in Dallas Buyers Club required him to wax quite a bit of his body hair.

Jared Leto Talks Waxing

In Dallas Buyers Club, his first film in almost six years, Leto plays Rayon, a transgender prostitute who is HIV positive. Leto has received rave reviews for his work in the film, and many predicted he would take home the Golden Globe this year. Leto, however, was not convinced, appearing properly surprised when his name was announced.

Leto began his speech with a few jokes, announcing to the audience that what they saw in Dallas Buyers Club was not prosthetics or a body double.

“I did not use any prosthetics in the film, that tiny little Brazilian bubble butt was all mine,” Leto proclaimed, earning laughter of approval from the crowd.

The actor spoke about how he transformed his body for the role. Both he and his co-star, and Golden Globe winner, Matthew McConaughey, have publicly spoken about losing weight for their roles in Dallas Buyers Club, but Leto had to go one step further.

“It was a very transformative role, and I had to do a lot of things to prepare. One of the things I did was wax my entire body – including my eyebrows. I’m just fortunate that it wasn’t a period piece so I didn’t have to do a full Brazilian…Ladies, you know what I’m talking about… and so do some of you men, I think,” Leto joked.

Leto then got serious, mentioning his break from film, during which he focused on his rock band 30 Seconds To Mars, and thanking the movie industry for welcoming him back:

“I just have to say, it’s been an honor to come back and have this love, and this support. I never expected it. I never even dreamed of it.”

When the orchestra began to play Leto off the stage, he gave one last thanks to ‘the Rayons of the world’ and parted with a sweet, “I love you, thank you, bye.”

Jared Leto Thanks Matthew McConaughey Backstage

After the awards, Leto thanked more people in an interview with Extra, saying he forgot half his speech once he got on stage.

“I forgot to thank Matthew [McConaughey], and the director [Jean-Marc Vallée] and the writer and Jennifer [Garner] and the rest of the cast and the producers,” Leto lamented.

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Leto was a bit winner Sunday evening. Not only did he win a coveted Golden Globe, but his hair, tied neatly in a half bun, half ponytail, also won the attention of audiences around the world.

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