Avril Lavigne may have split from Brody Jenner, but there are no hard feelings between her and Brody's half-sister Kylie Jenner (pictured below), who has modeled Lavigne's designs in the past and will apparently do so again during her Abbey Dawn show at New York Fashion Week. "It's a massive deal for me. To see the full collection at Fashion Week is really cool," Lavigne told WWD. "And Kylie is the edgy one [in the Kardashian family]. I really like her."

Lavigne confirmed Jenner's appearance while presenting her new line at the MAGIC fashion trade show in Las Vegas last month (pictured below), which she described as "a lot better" than when it launched in 2008. “When I started, it was a cheaper price point and geared toward a younger audience," Lavigne told People. “[Now] it’s a little hipper, good quality. It appeals to everyone. It’s really great.” The Canadian singer talked about the rock 'n' roll edge trend of her line and her ideal customer: "Studs are accepted more than ever, and we've already been playing with skulls and studs for years," Lavigne told WWD. "It's geared toward an older age group now, but juniors can still wear it. There are fun, bright colours, and we are making a bold statement. That's what Abbey Dawn is about any girl who wants to express herself and be edgy."

Lavigne, 27, also recently surprised fans by become engaged to fellow Canadian and lead Nickelback vocalist Chad Kroeger, 37. The couple had been dating for six months, although few knew of the relationship. Kroeger and Lavigne confirmed the news on Twitter in late August.

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