Josh (Nico Tortorella) and his band are playing at a bluegrass festival in real life Cooperstown, N.Y.

When Liza (Sutton Foster) arrives at the festival, she finds Josh pitched a tent with scarce materials inside, some blankets, a cooler and some solo cups tossed around. Thankfully they have an air mattress… with a hole in it.

“We’re roughing it!” Josh said.

‘Younger’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

In the morning, Liza thinks she is being greeted with a cup of coffee but Josh couldn’t find any. Instead he hands her coffee stout and says that’s how bluegrass festivals roll. Liza isn’t thrilled about the morning beer.

The sexual tensions are high between Diana (Miriam Shor) and her new author and male feminist Hugh Shirley. They set up a lunch date and even when they get together Shirley still has to check every two minutes to make sure she’s okay. He asks permission on everything to make sure he’s not “dominating” her.

Liza seems to be talking more with her boss, Charles (Peter Hermann) outside of work texting. Is it really just a work friendship or is there something more to come?

While at the festival, Liza accidently sends an inappropriate text to Charles that was meant for Josh.


Of course, her phone then dies. All of this happens as Josh’s band is hitting the stage. Liza runs away during his performance to find a charging station so she can call Charles and explain herself.

Liza was “too violent” when forcing a girl to give her the phone charger. One thing leads to another and she gets kicked out. Josh and Liza admit they’re too old for festivals and head to a nearby bed and breakfast that Charles recommended.

When they go to check in, they find out Empirical Press paid for their room.

Josh thinks they should send a picture of themselves in their robes as a thank you note to Charles. Liza goes to email him except she doesn’t hit send and just closes her phone.

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