The premiere of NBC’s new comedy series, Undateable, is funny, witty, and it will keep you laughing the whole way through.

The series is about a man, Danny Burton (Chris D’Elia), who is handsome, suave, and an all-around ladies man. The only problem is that Danny just doesn’t want to grow up. The premiere opens with Danny in a robe begging his roommate not to move out of their apartment. His roommate is getting married, or ‘buried’ as Danny calls it.

Danny soon finds his next roommate, Justin (Brent Morin), an owner of a bar called Black Eyes. Justin and his friends are simply undateable. They just can’t seem to figure out how to talk to women without making fools of themselves. Now we see why Danny and Justin will be a great match: Danny says he will teach Justin and the other guys how to get the ladies.

All of the guys have something about them that they need help with. Justin can’t talk to girls without getting awkward. He has a crush on the bartender working at his bar, but he can’t figure out how to ask her out. He tells Danny it has to be perfect timing and he’s been waiting for that moment for the last 80 weeks. The other men have problems with either not being able to talk to women at all or talking too much. Even though Danny comes to the rescue, he has a few problems of his own; he doesn’t let people get to close to him but at the same time, he’s scared to be lonely.

Moreover, even with Danny’s help the men run into a number of challenges. After Danny takes the guys to a wine party, Justin returns the following morning. Danny congratulates Justin on going home and sleeping with a woman. Later that day, when Justin is telling his other friend’s about his successful hookup, Danny realizes Justin was with his sister.

The overall chemistry between D’Elia and Morin is perfect for a comedy. D’Elia is one of my favorite comedians and I was so excited to watch him in this new series. He definitely delivered. D’Elia can make just about anything funny. From his facial expressions, to his hand and body movements, he kept me laughing the whole episode. I was also pleasantly surprised with Brent Morin and how he funny he can be. The two feed off of each other and nearly all of their interactions are comical.

Undateable airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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