The Bachelorette featured a distressing amount of injuries on last night’s episode, making for a bit of an emotional roller coaster. (And no, we’re not talking about ABC interrupting the show to present news coverage of the Trump-Kim summit.)

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It all started, sort of, when David and Jordan got into a bit of a tiff. Male model Jordan claimed that he has had over 4,000 Tinder matches and that his swipe percentage is 100 percent. David then relayed this information to Becca, which Jordan was none too happy about. This all strikes me as a big hullabaloo over nothing, but it clearly got Jordan more than a little worked up.

Soon afterwards, disaster struck, when David had to be rushed to the hospital, after he was found on the ground with “blood everywhere.” Did this have something to do with his “feud” with Jordan? The editors surely wanted viewers to think so, but it turned out that the truth is less dramatic, though a whole lot more embarrassing, as David had fallen out of bed and landed on his face, not metaphorically quite literally. Although that is the type of injury that might have someone literally falling on their face.

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But the moment likely to break the most hearts came in the form of a sooner-than-expected exit. The group date involved a game of football, which naturally resulted in professional Clay doing much of the work, but in the process he busted up his wrist. It turned out to be a potentially career-ending injury if he does not get surgery on it as soon as possible. So in consideration of his future, and the people who depend upon him financially, he tearfully decided that he must leave the show, despite having originally earned a date rose.

Also garnering date roses (for the first time each) were Colton and Chris, while no eliminations took place. And now we move on the Final 17!

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