Seriously, I don't know what was worse—Jake picking Vienna, the wild, party girl nobody was rooting for, or how the show milked the aviator storyline relentlessly and forced Jeffrey Osbourne's "On the Wings of Love" down our throats. Yes, Jake's a pilot, we get the reference. Clever.

This season's Bachelor has been all about surprises, so it seems. 31-year-old bachelor Jake Pavelka shocked fans on the show's finale Monday night when he got down on one knee and proposed to 23-year-old finalist Vienna Girardi, ex-Hooters waitress and very recently, the main target of tabloid scrutiny. Set against a gorgeous St.Lucia backdrop, the last women standing were transported on a mountaintop via helicopter where prince charming was armed with a single rose and a princess cut engagement ring for the show's least favorite finalist.

It was also the first time in Bachelor history when at one point, there was no rose ceremony. After fourth finalist Ali Fedotowsky was forced to choose between staying on the show or keeping her job, she left prematurely despite what looked like a promising future with our lovable Texas native. Her bold decision, however, almost felt like one of the finer moments for the women on the show—until she took it all back a week later and asked for a second chance. Pffft.

But enough about the women, what about the bachelor? Three things can be said about him. One, he's probably the most likable bachelor yet. Host Chris Harrison admits on the "After The Rose" show, and swears that most would agree, Jake was one of the "nicest and sweetest" bachelors the show's ever seen. However, this is the same guy who justifies falling in love with four women all at the same time (and spending the night at the infamous "fantasy suite" with Gia, Tenley, and Vienna).

Two, this Bachelorette alumni is one determined fellow. He made some pretty gutsy decisions. Dead set on finding himself a wife by the end of the show, Jake once sent two girls home on the same night because he didn't think either one was a match for him.

Three, Jake is a stubborn, stubborn man. Despite repeated warnings from finalists and heated confrontations between Vienna and Ali, he stuck to his guns and turned a blind eye on Vienna's shaky past. But how does Vienna, after multiple reports of her wild past, win Jake's heart? Beats me. I guess he wasn't holding a copy of this week's US weekly. Still, Jake came to his fiance's rescue on the reunion show saying that the media are painting a picture of his future wife that's "just not true." Um, pictures don't lie but whatever.

I give The Bachelor a high B for the decent surprises and a low C for romance. I don't know about you, but if my boyfriend admits on national TV that he was in love with three other women while we were dating, there's no way in hell I'm letting him put that ring on my finger—and live to tell about it.

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