We’re down to the Top 7, and we’ve made it through Snatch Game, so now we are heading into the home stretch of Season 10. Last night the queens had to summon their inner Armenian-American California goddess for “Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical.” Let’s run down their performances in the challenges and see if the judges made the right decisions.

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For this week’s mini-challenge, the queens attempt to say something that will make RuPaul slap them in a game of “Slap Out of It.” The queen with the best reaction wins. If they were being judged on who had the best slap-worthy line, I would give it to Kameron for her grandmother reference, but since it is a matter of reaction, Asia is the right call for her theatrical devastation following Ru actually making contact with her cheek.

For this week’s maxi-challenge, the queens must perform a song-and-dance routine on the live stage for “Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical,” with each queen embodying a different era of the singer’s career. And for the runway, things get sparkly with the theme of “Glitterific.”

Here’s how the results shake down, according to the judges:

WINNER: Kameron Michaels
HIGH: Monét X Change
SAFE: Eureka, Miz Cracker
LOW: Aquaria
BOTTOM 2: Asia O’Hara, The Vixen

I am mostly in agreement with the judges this week. Here is how my ranking would go:

  1. Kameron Michaels
  2. Miz Cracker
  3. Monét X Change
  4. Eureka
  5. Aquaria
  6. Asia O’Hara
  7. The Vixen

Kameron and Monét (as 60s and Variety Show Cher, respectively) have the best Cher impressions, while Cracker (as Comeback Cher) has some technical issues but still manages to deliver an abundance of Cher’s voice and personality. Since greater weight should be given to the maxi-challenge, Kameron rightfully gets her first win of the season, while Cracker’s skull-puking-glitter look (my favorite of the night) is wild enough for me to place her over Monét. Elsewhere, The Vixen falls to the bottom again by not even attempting to do a Cher impression, and Asia is not much better, as she forgets an entire bar of the lyrics.

In the Lip Sync for Your Life (to Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In the Heart”), Asia stays and the Vixen sashays, which is the right call. The Vixen does not hold back her typical physicality, but this is a song with an offbeat energy, and Asia delivers the appropriate looks and humor.

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As for how things stand going forward, it is more difficult than ever to declare a favorite. Cracker probably has the fewest weaknesses overall, but she still has not won a maxi-challenge (although she arguably should have once or twice). Kameron has finally broken through with a win, but I still think she needs to take it to another level if she can be America’s Next Drag Superstar. Aquaria and Eureka have opposite problems, with one perhaps a little too confident and the other dealing with occasionally crippling anxiety.

So anyway, here is my (not at all confident) ranking of who is most likely to take the crown at this point:

  1. Miz Cracker
  2. Aquaria
  3. Kameron Michaels
  4. Monét X Change
  5. Eureka
  6. Asia O’Hara

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