Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion the ladies rehashed all the drama from this season as Andy tried his best to mediate. With accusations and deflections abound the ladies blamed each other for classic RHONJ events such as “Stripper Gate” and who was responsible for allowing Kim D and her gossiping weave to slither back onto the show. The wildest accusation of the night came from Teresa who accused Jacqueline of calling the feds on her.

RHONJ Reunion Part Two

After the housewives take a much needed break, Chris Laurita joins the ladies and Joe Gorga to talk with Andy. Picking up where part one left off, Andy asks Teresa to explain her accusation of Jacqueline calling the feds on her. Chris denies Jacqueline’s involvement and instead claims that a mutual friend was the one who called the feds on the Giudices. According to Chris, this person was involved in a real estate deal with Joe Giudice that went bad and threatened to call the feds on him. Chris called Joe to have the two meet up and fix things but Joe dismissed him which caused their mutual friend to call the feds. Teresa acknowledges most of what Chris is saying but states that their mutual friend called her and said it was actually the Lauritas that called the feds .

The theme of deflection from last week’s episode continues as Jacqueline takes the accusation and throws it at Melissa. Jacqueline claims that Melissa called her after Teresa was released saying that Teresa has more charges against her and will have to serve more time. Melissa erupts at Jacqueline and warns Siggy and Dolores that Jacqueline sucks (true) and will reveal all their secrets (is that an admission of guilt?).

Andy pivots to a more personal topic and asks Teresa if she is worried that Joe may be deported after his prison sentence. Teresa doesn’t want to talk about it because she doesn’t want to give the idea life and jinx Joe. Andy then asks if Teresa believes any of the rumors of Joe cheating on her while she was away, to which she answers no because she didn’t see any intimate photos (*clapping* Show-Her-The-Receipts).

In an attempt to rectify Teresa and Jacqueline’s shattered relationship, Andy shows the ladies a montage of the two’s years long friendship. Teresa and Jacqueline (and obviously, Siggy too) are emotional and tearing up while watching the clip. When Andy asks the two why they are emotional, Jacqueline admits to having a lot of fun with Teresa back then, while Teresa claims she was only crying because her children and Nicholas were in the video (shady). As the reunion wraps up, Siggy cries (again) and asks Teresa and Jacqueline to have a truce and for all the ladies to group hug. The women agree, call a truce, and hug each other.  With that apparent reconciliation, Andy and the housewives say goodbye to season seven of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Gave Kathy and Rosie the Twitter “kiss of death”.
  • Considering writing a “Skinny Italian: Danbury Edition” cookbook.
  • Doesn’t blame Joe for her sentencing because he took full responsibility for it.
  • Joe has lost over 35lbs and almost has a six-pack now.
  • Thinks “corn rolls” is a hairstyle.


  • Is a “wolf in lamb’s clothing”.
  • Allegedly took five or ten Xanax before the reunion.
  • Was paranoid because Melissa planted seeds of doubt in her mind.
  • Was never going to say anything to Melissa at the luncheon.


  • Thinks each of the ladies are the best moms ever.
  • Is proud to know and loves them all.
  • Is never going to Vermont again.
  • Thinks time heals all wounds.


  • She and Siggy want to be “number one” in terms of the most plastic surgery.
  • Thinks Jacqueline and Teresa would both need a lobotomy to be friends again.
  • Thinks Joe Giudice would’ve taken Teresa’s time in prison if allowed.
  • Thinks that if you need to remove knives and hire security then there shouldn’t be a luncheon.


  • Thinks Jacqueline is gross. –True.
  • Thinks Jacqueline has crazy eyes. –True.
  • Didn’t want her daughter, Antonia, to know about her nose jobs.
  • Is irrelevant according to Jacqueline.




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