Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika and Kyle traveled to Mykonos for Erika Jayne’s performance,  Eden pressed Rinna and Kyle for information on Kim’s sobriety, and Dorit, Rinna, and Eileen sat down to hash out their drama. This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows Erika Jayne’s performance in Mykonos, Lisa Vanderpump and Eden discuss Kim’s sobriety (again), and Dorit throws a party for PK’s 49th birthday.

RHOBH S7E8 Recap: “Boys, Blades, and a Bag of Pills”

The episode opens with Dorit stressing about planning PK’s 49th birthday party. After PK’s successful Buddha lounge surprise, Dorit feels pressure to plan an equally successful surprise for him (spoiler alert: she fails). Although Dorit wanted to surprise him, PK was heavily involved in the planning process and the two decided to surprise their guests with a performance by Culture Club.

Later Rinna, Eileen, and Dorit decide to make good on their fresh start and go rollerblading together. This was Dorit’s first time rollerblading and despite a few shrill, banshee shrieks, she was a natural and adapted to it quickly. After rollerblading the ladies call Erika and Kyle in Mykonos and wish Erika luck with her performance. It’s 3 a.m. in Mykonos and it is time for Erika Jayne’s performance.  Erika worked the stage and put on an electrifying show for a sea of shirtless gay men.  After the performance Erika and Kyle took part in an impromptu poolside photoshoot using the sunrise as the backdrop.

Next Lisa Vanderpump invited Eden over for lunch after being intrigued by her at Kyle’s game night. Eden opens up about her decision to be sober and the conversation eventually transitions to Kim’s sobriety. Although Eden has only met Kim once, she claims she doesn’t need to spend a lot of time with Kim to see that she is struggling with her substance abuse. Vanderpump jumps to Kyle’s defense when Eden accuses her of enabling Kim’s behavior but their conversation is interrupted when Lisa’s mini horses begin to squabble.

Later on Dorit and Lisa Rinna visit Eden at her house. Eden makes the ladies a couple of smoothies and Dorit jokingly asks if she can put vodka in hers. Rinna admits that she has never put vodka in a smoothie but has put a Xanax in some.  Rinna then proceeds to pull a small baggy of assorted pills out of her purse and the ladies share a laugh.

It’s time for PK’s birthday party and the housewives arrive one by one. When Erika arrives Dorit jabs at her by remarking that her outfit is more appropriate than the T-shirt dress she had worn to Dorit’s party (pls Erika clap her out).  When Kim arrives she explains to the ladies that with her grandson being born soon she is feeling those “first-time mom” nerves again. Eden hears this and asks Kim if she is holding onto something and alludes to her jeopardizing her sobriety. Kim immediately shuts this idea down and thinks Eden is projecting her own struggles onto her.

After a sweet speech for PK, Dorit reveals the surprise Culture Club performance and the whole party sings along to “Karma Chameleon”.  After the performance, Kim tells Kyle about Eden’s comments and the Richards sisters are not pleased. As the episode draws to a close, Dorit laughs and tells Lisa Vanderpump about Rinna’s bag of pills. Vanderpump doesn’t think the situation is funny and questions whether or not Rinna has a pill problem.

The preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows Rinna’s backyard barbecue, Erika reading for her role on The Young and The Restless, and drama between the Richards sisters and Eden igniting at a 1920s party. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Described her mother as glamorous, beautiful, and sometimes scary.
  • Wanted to airbrush Erika’s dancers’ abs.
  • Is, according to Erika, a mother, a business woman, a wife, and a sexy mother f*cker.
  • Thinks Eden is a drama queen.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Is too shrewd to pull one over on her.
  • Used to only kiss Kyle on the lips and feels a bit unfaithful for kissing Eden.
  • Thinks that if Rinna is taking Xanax then she needs to double up on her medication.
  • Believes Dorit intimated that Rinna had a pill problem.


  • Has been with Tom for seventeen years.
  • Her stage in Mykonos was literally on the edge of a cliff.
  • Doesn’t know if Dorit could pull off the T-shirt dress – “If she could, she woud”.
  • Loves Kyle’s show girl side and wishes it was around all of the time.


  • Thinks the flowers for PK’s party are tragic.
  • Has never had as big of an eyesore in her house as the partition blocking Culture Club.
  • Would never think to put a Xanax in a smoothie.
  • Has a new found love for Rinna after seeing her bag of loose pills.


  • Thinks Dorit has an endearing quality about her.
  • Likes anyone that is able to move on from conflict.
  • Has got it covered if you are stung by a bee or have a headache.
  • Thinks it is a huge improvement that she and Kim can hug each other after game night drama.


  • Appreciates Dorit’s willingness to try new things
  • She and Vinnie love to go rollerblading down to Venice Beach and take tequila shots.
  • Is jealous that Erika and Kyle went to Mykonos.
  • Is going to keep her eye on Dorit now that she knows she is capable of lying so well.


  • Dumped a guy because her called her a “Type A” woman.
  • Decided to become sober six months after her dad passed away.
  • Believes in bribery as a tactic to get her kids to listen.
  • Drinks aloe at home.

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