With the premiere days away, Mad Men’s cast and crew still haven’t revealed any details about the show. But with these recently released stills from season 6, fans can speculate about potential plot lines for the upcoming season.

Oh what’s going on here? Looks like Don’s just having a drink. Nothing new there, right? Wrong! Look at the suit! The relaxed collar! The posture! Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has grown tired of the New York winter and moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky to follow his true passion: whiskey. Teaming up with Corky Newhouse, a distillery owner, played by Paul Giamatti, Don starts an authentic Kentucky Bourbon company. He embraces the Southern life and even buys a racehorse. And sleeps with the racehorse’s trainer.

As was the all the rage in the 60s, little Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) joins a cult. Sally felt unwanted and unloved, and an upstate New York cult convinced her they could provide her with a home where people appreciated her. Guest-star Adam Goldberg plays Victor Hansen, a former folk singer and disgraced Navy man, who shows Sally around his compound. It isn’t long before Hansen decides, “Hey, maybe this cult business isn’t for me, you know? I mean, this is crazy. A cult? Maybe I should go back to focusing on my music.”

Sally returns home, but learns that Betty (January Jones) and Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley) haven’t even noticed she was gone. They’ve been completely pre-occupied with her little brother Bobby, also now played by Paul Giamatti – he’s amazing. Sally thinks that maybe she was right for joining the cult, but by now it has become a traveling band. C’est la vie! Such is cult life in 1960s America!

Megan (Jessica Pare) comes down to Kentucky finally to try the first batch of Draper-Newhouse Authentic Bourbon Whiskey. Turns out it’s terrible. Corky Newhouse flees the country, and marries Don’s racehorse. Megan and Don return to New York where Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) angrily asks where Don was the last 11 months. Don punches him in the face. Everyone applauds, including Pete’s wife, Trudy (Alison Brie). Don sleeps with Trudy.

It’s Christmas time at Sterling Cooper Draper Campbell Holloway. Everyone wanted an espresso machine in the break room, but Don, in an effort to be more frugal to support his three children and co-produce Megan’s sci-fi epic, has convinced the firm to enjoy diner coffee.

Much to Pete and Roger’s (John Slattery) dismay, everyone in the office did! Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) tried to inform everyone about the merits of tea, but no one listened. A lot of the new hires didn’t even know who he was. By the time Harry Crane (Rich Sommer) displayed his latte art, the argument had long been lost.

“I made you a skim-milk flower, Dawn!” he cried out. “This is the worst Christmas party ever!” Then he stepped into a bucket and comically walked around the office looking like a dufus.

Where was Joan (Christina Hendricks) for all this? In a broom closet with Herb Rennet! The head of the Dealers Association and a member of Jaguar's selection committee from last season. Though she only slept with him so Sterling Cooper Draper Price could earn the Jaguar account, she can’t stop thinking about him! Turns out, as disgusting and vile as it was, Joan can’t get the abrasive creep out of her head! Joan loves the bad boy, and in this case, that bad boy is a creepy middle-aged pervert.

Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) accidentally walks in on them and Joan snaps back to reality. She puts an end to the relationship right then and there. Peggy and Joan go off to see a Chuck Berry concert. Don sleeps with Herb Rennet.

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