In this episode of Mixology, “Liv & Ron,” we’re introduced to two more members of our crew who have very little in common personality-wise and yet are undeniably attracted to one another at the bar. Liv (Kate Simses), while strange seeming at first, grows on you and it’s clear to see that she still has some of the same sort of mentality she had when she was younger, very safe, very innocent, a low-risk type of person.

As Liv explains to Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) how she ran into this guy outside, Ron (Adam Campbell), Maya helps us see just how safe Liv really is by explaining that Liv will never do anything about being interested in this guy, even though she is clearly interested. The show is narrated at points to give even greater perspective of the characters and gives highlights of each of them growing up so as to understand them even more. After learning about Liv's childhood, Ron is brought into focus.

Where Liv has always been the careful, safe one, Ron quite conversely does not abide by the same code. The playboy, swindler type has had a rough day, having lost a huge chunk of money from his internet start-up and bombing his blind date. He and stumbles upon the cute, innocent Liv, who despite an obvious attraction refuses to have a drink with Ron. By the end of the episode, the two of them clearly share a moment and will most definitely continue their story in later episodes.

Meanwhile, the stories from previous episodes are alluded to with the recurrence of Tom (Blake Lee) and his pals Cal (Craig Frank) and Bruce (Andrew Santino) trying to pick up girls and thus helping Tom rebound after his breakup.

We meet up again with Jessica (Alexis Carra) and Kacey (Vanessa Lengies) who each share the tale of their prospective bad nights. Jessica just got off her internet date-gone-wrong with Ron who threw up all over her purse and Kacey failed to break up with Dominic and ended up having sex with him again. The two women seem pitiful for different reasons, but are appealing and entertaining together.

Overall, the story of Mixology is still building and, while there is not much substance yet to the storyline, the characterization that is taking place is very entertaining. We continue to meet new characters and get to know old ones better. The banter between the cast of characters is pretty funny as well. Mixology certainly has potential.

Mixology airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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