Have you ever wondered what The Bachelor or The Bachelorette would look like mixed in with a little bit of Survivor and The Amazing Race? Well if you have, then you should tune into Love in the Wild. This latest reality dating show lends a unique twist to the tired genre formula with an added element of danger and intrigue, as well as extreme adventure, in the wild.

Half a dozen or so men and just as many women pair themselves up in preparation to complete several tasks. Whereas most dating shows deal with the men and women socializing over dinner and drinks, or in a Jacuzzi, or even in a bed, this dating show differs. The men and women of this show get to know each other very well as they risk life and limb together to complete their assigned objectives.

They are set to tasks such as building a raft and going in crocodile-infested waters. And as they complete their tasks in succession, pair by pair, the “winner” and “loser” is found. Pairs can choose if they want to stay with each other, or if they want to partner up with someone new, thus keeping the actual dating element of the show in play.

Hearts are broken…or perhaps bruised (well, what can you call you it after a few hours of dating?), and love, fear, drama and danger are in the air. This show is not your average dating show. It’s a high-concept show; I mean, really, who goes on a date in the Costa Rican jungle? But it’s clearly a show for thrills, and not one meant to be taken seriously.


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I for one have never been interested in reality dating/relationship shows. I never caught the fever for The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. In fact, I’ve never been a fan of reality shows in general. However, I kept an open mind when watching this show. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I found myself commenting on the couples, on either how well matched they were or how mismatched they were. Some of the individuals were likable, while some were intolerable. I couldn’t even believe how some of the individuals could keep their cool around the arrogant, hotheaded, conceited ones.

Even more so, I truly couldn’t believe I liked this show. In the past, I’ve wondered at the authenticity of such shows, and if the characters really were who they said they were. With this show, I didn’t even need to question that because I didn’t care. It’s an interesting show, plain and simple. The individuals can be the complete opposite of how they appear on television, and it doesn’t matter. Reality or not, this dating show has got something going on.

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