After Quinn’s texting and driving-caused car-crash at the end of the first half of this season, fans were devastated. They wondered, “Would Quinn die? Would Ryan Murphy have the balls to do that, after everything was finally going well for her?” Well, no, he didn’t. And in true Glee fashion, the emotional aftermath of a serious situation is entirely rushed through. Quinn is now in a wheelchair, but is expected to make a full recovery and is treating the whole affair with a sunny, lighthearted disposition, as if she merely scraped her knee. Glee thoroughly enjoys putting it’s fans into cardiac arrest, then glossing over the situation as if it barely holds any meaning.

Apparently it was time to move onto more important things, like Blaine’s very attractive brother Cooper Anderson (played by Matt Bomer) coming to visit and stealing a little bit of his spotlight. Cooper is the star of commercials, and Sue, Kurt, and the entire New Directions are practically dropping their collective panties for him. Here in the real world, the guys are closer to a nuisance than celebrities, but all right. Blaine holds a ton of anger and resentment towards his brother throughout the episode, because it can easily be seen that Cooper is a highly self-involved character, barely showing any kind of caring towards his little brother. But it’s still perplexing how sibling rivalry issues can be treated as more serious than a life-threatening car crash? Anyone?

The other inhabitants of Lima still have their own issues to contribute. Sue is still pregnant, which is still a mind-boggling issue. Rachel and Finn did in fact not get married, because of Quinn’s accident. Puck is trying to get Finn to move to LA with him, to create a highly lucrative pool cleaning business, but we know very well that any plan proposed by Puck usually turns out far from successful. Finn is easily manipulated, because he still doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing with his future, besides riding on Rachel’s coattails.

Senior cut day arrives, and Quinn and Artie go to a handicapped skate park, while the rest of the gang goes to an amusement park. For the entire episode, Quinn and Artie have been flirty, bonding over the fact that they are now both on two wheels. These moments have been adorable, but also slightly irritating, considering Artie and Quinn have barely communicated to each other in two and a half seasons prior to this accident.

The best songs of the episode were all sung by Blaine (swoon). He and his big brother do a Duran Duran mash up of “Hungry like a Wolf” and “Rio.” Their voices together are brilliant and captivating, as can be seen by Santana’s jaw being on the floor. Ours were too. Blaine also sings “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera, as a display of all of his angst towards Cooper. This is a very rough song to tackle for a voice like his, but he carries it well with his smooth vocals and aggressive boxing choreography. To cap it off, Blaine and Cooper sing an emotional and phenomenal rendition of Gotye’s current hit “Somebody That I Used to Know.” This is why Glee is allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their bizarre and preposterous plotlines. Because they will consistently leave you in a haze of happiness after yet another one of their innovative and irresistible covers.

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