Picking up where we left off last week on How To Get Away With Murder, we see a flashback of Frank (Charlie Weber) keeping track of Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) whereabouts, while Bonnie (Liza Weil) checks in. After Frank loses him, Wes is shown getting into a cab and dials a name that says ‘in case of emergency.’ Wes simply says: “Hi, it’s Christophe.” (His real name).

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3, Episode 12

Wes’ memorial is held, and Laurel (Karla Souza) is able to attend it as she is finally discharged from the hospital. However, shortly after beginning her eulogy, in which she describes Wes’ rough upbringing, she loses it and looks around at several other Middleton Law students sitting there in the church crying. Laurel goes on an angry rant about how the memorial seems fake because only a select few (the other Keating 4 plus Oliver) knew Wes really well. She storms out of the church and goes to the morgue in an attempt to finally get to see Wes’ body. However, the receptionist says she can’t legally show anyone his body because it’s still being used as evidence for Annalise’s (Viola Davis) trial.  Despite pleading and saying she is Wes’s ex-girlfriend, she is still denied this opportunity because of the D.A.’s office’s rules.

Laurel then begs Nate (Billy Brown) to let her see Wes’s body and he does after doubting momentarily. When they go to see it, they find that Wes’s body is no longer there and has been replaced with someone else’s body!!

At Wes’ memorial, while the Keating four struggle to locate Laurel, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) gets a call from the Philadelphia police department saying they want to question him because they suspect him of deleting files on Annalise’s phone upon her request. The Keating four and Bonnie prep him for the interrogation and Oliver is released after lying to the police by keeping his answers vague.

Oliver later reveals to Conor (Jack Falahee) that he kept a copy of Annalise’s deleted phone files just in case.

Laurel informs the the rest of Annalise’s posse plus Bonnie  and Oliver that Wes’ body has gone missing after Michaela, (Aja Naomi King) who takes care of Laurel as she continues to physically recover, sets up a meeting between her and Frank, who continues to be in prison after confessing to Wes’s murder and the fire. Laurel asks Frank at the prison whether he was indeed at Annalise’s house the night of the fire, and if he indeed escaped out the back door like she thought she saw him do. She begs Frank to tell her Wes’ last words, but Frank says nothing as his lawyer tells Laurel to stop and drags him out of the meeting. Frank fires his lawyer and calls Bonnie, who continues to pressure the D.A.’s office to investigate Wes’s body’s disappearance int the hopes that will help get her one step closer to proving Annalise is being framed.

Laurel is convinced Frank is lying, that he didn’t kill Wes like she initially believed he did. She goes to Wes’ old apartment to see if she can find anything that might help her identify his true killer, but only finds his old belongings.

Annalise’s parents attend her trial and then speak to her several times, and an old story about Annalise being abused as a young girl resurfaces. Annalise’s mother (Cicely Tyson) is revealed to be suffering from dementia, and attempts to help her daughter get released by offering to confess to the police that she actually burned down the house. Annalise naturally refuses to choose this option. Her parents also approach Nate for help, but he says he can’t help her because he works for the D.A. now, and they are precisely the people attempting to incriminate her so any involvement on his part to help Annalise would immediately be viewed as suspicious.

At the end, A.D.A.s Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) and Renee Atwood (Milauna Jackson) reveal to Nate that they have discovered who misplaced Wes’ body: Nate himself! The pair show him a document stating Nate filed for a transfer of Wes’ body to another morgue, and signed by Nate.

We then see a flashback of Nate entering Annalise’s house the night of the fire (What?!) looking for her, and then Wes walks in shortly afterward, and the two greet each other.

Did Nate really kill Wes, or was indirectly responsible for his death?! Or are they just trying to trick us again? Tune in next Thursday at 10 pm ET.

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