The first episode of the second half of season 3 of How to Get Away With Murder began with a flashback of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) watching Wes (Alfred Enoch) play soccer with his girlfriend Meggy (Corbin Reid) on the Middleton University campus, and recalling what Wes was like when she first met him as a child.

‘How To Get Away With Murder,’ Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

Wes walks up to Annalise and informs her of an internship he has landed that involves working with undocumented immigrants, and Annalise congratulates him.

We then return to the present day, which is the day after Wes has died in the fire at Annalise’s house. Bonnie (Liza Weil) goes to visit Laurel (Karla Souza) in the hospital to see how she’s doing. (She is pregnant with Wes’ child and very confused, miserable, and angry, unsurprisingly) Bonnie warns Laurel that detectives will come into her hospital room soon to ask her questions about what she remembers from the previous night’s fire. The detectives indeed arrive, but after Laurel realizes they are trying to get her to name Annalise guilty, she refuses to tell them that and only gives them vague details about what happened that night.

Laurel also tells Bonnie she is convinced Frank caused the fire and killed Wes, and Bonnie goes to ask Frank (Charlie Weber), who denies this, but promises to help Bonnie get Annalise out of prison after she asks for his assistance.

Annalise, meanwhile, is in jail, as she has been arrested for arson and first-degree murder, with Assistant D.A.s Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) and Renee Atwood (Milauna Jackson) determined to prove her guilty of setting her house on fire and killing Wes. Bonnie visits Annalise regularly and Annalise tells her she has to be the lawyer to represent her in court. Bonnie promises to help her boss in any way she can to prove her innocence. Annalise talks to one of her cellmates and discovers that one is a woman who saw her defend some people in court and wished she had had her as a lawyer.

Nate (Billy Brown), who is still working in the D.A.’s office and sleeping with Atwood, also visits Annalise in prison but doesn’t tell his employers this, which threatens his position. However, Nate reveals to Denver that he and Atwood are in a relationship in front of the latter, and says any demotion for him could easily lay the groundwork for ‘sexual harassment.’

Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Asher (Matt McGorry) and Conor (Jack Falahee) go to visit Laurel in the hospital and Conor is the only one who appears unmoved by Wes’s death, and he even confesses that he feels no grief as the four begin to talk about this. Conor also reveals that his on-and-off boyfriend Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) told him that Annalise asked Oliver to wipe her phone clean right before she was arrested and just hours before any of them found out Wes was the one who had died in the fire. Conor tells them all he told Oliver that he wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to go to the police with any evidence, and the other four angrily ask Conor why he wouldn’t stop Oliver from turning them in. Conor tells Oliver he deserves someone better (reigniting their long-standing feud where Conor craps on himself and says how horrible he is while Oliver desperately attempts to help make his boyfriend convince himself that he’s not a bad person).

The rest of the “Keating 5” (who are now the Keating 4) are shocked by Conor’s revelation, and Conor repeats that he feels no sadness about Wes’s death, mostly because Wes is the one who caused most of the troubles for all of them when he fell for Rebecca and then killed Annalise’s husband Sam to defend Rebecca. Michaela, Asher and Conor all suspect Laurel’s baby is Frank’s, but after Laurel reveals she is pregnant with Wes’s child, Conor loses it and tells her a mean joke: ‘You should probably get an abortion now, because Wait-list (his nickname for Wes) isn’t the type of father you want for your child.’ Asher also loses control and throws Conor to the ground and begins using Conor as his personal punching bag while Michaela desperately tries to stop her boyfriend from unleashing his rage one one of the group in the middle of a hospital room.

Frank manages to get his hands on a log of all phone calls made or received by Annalise’s house in the days leading up to the fire (through some sketchy unnamed source). Then, Bonnie visits Annalise in prison and shows her the log, and points to a specific phone call made by Hannah Keating, Annalise’s sister-in-law (Sam’s sister).

Annalise confesses to Bonnie that she remembers drunkenly calling Hannah the night before the night of the fire and telling her the house is “all hers” if she wants it because that house has caused her nothing but misery ever since she and Sam moved in there together. (Annalise’s house/office actually belonged to Sam and Hannah’s parents, originally) Bonnie tells Annalise she may find a way to convince the judge that Hannah was working with the Mahoneys to take Annalise down, and that they knew killing Wes and framing her for it would ruin Annalise.

However, after presenting her case for Annalise in court against Denver and Atwood, Bonnie fails to convince the judge Annalise is innocent, and Annalise is sent back to prison to await her formal trial. Denver and Atwood tell reporters outside the courthouse that the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office has released the official autopsy report for Wes, and that they ruled his death was due to ‘asphyxiation from smoke inhalation’ (from the fire). Nate returns to see the M.E. and tells her to clarify, as at the end of last episode she had told him ‘unofficially,’ and off-the-record, after showing him Wes’s body, that Wes had died before the fire. However, she tells Nate that her theories of why people have died have been disproven many times before after she did their autopsies.

Frank goes to visit Laurel at the hospital, and Laurel does not hold back on how she feels about him. She tells Frank she loved Wes much more than she ever loved him, blames him for Wes’s death and even adds that she believes he should have been the one to die in the fire.

At the very end of the episode, we see Frank walking into the police station and says he’d like to make a confession: that he killed Wes?! Of course, we don’t see a flashback of Wes being physically killed, so we still don’t know exactly how he died or who killed him. Instead, we simply see a flashback of Wes walking out of the police station after being promised immunity to testify against Annalise for her past crimes. (exactly how the previous episode ended) Frank drives up and greets Wes as he’s walking out of the station, and tells him to get in the car so they can talk.

Did Frank really kill Wes then?! Or did he just have someone else kill him off? Was Frank even implicated at all in Wes’s death or have they just been making us think that all along and Frank is actually completely innocent? Tune in next Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC to find out!

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