The return of Don’t Trust The B**** In Apt. 23 brings back the series’ wacky humor and spunky characters. When June (Dreama Walker) learns that James (James Van Der Beek) is invited to take part in a reunion show of Dawson’s Creek each year and always refuses, she sets out on a mission to change his mind and make it happen.

This sends June on a calling spree to all her high school girlfriends back in the Midwest, whom she learns are far more settled in their lives than she is. Still without a fiancé, an apartment of her own or a high-paying job, June sinks into a mini quarter-life crisis in which she worries that her “boobs are actually shrinking from the sadness.” James falls into his own depression when he learns that Chloe (Krysten Ritter) has been orchestrating the annual reunion invitations he receives and that his former Dawson’s Creek castmates actually hate him. While watching James learn to let go of his celebrity past (with the help of Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Chloe reminds June that while her old friends’ futures are already determined for them, June’s story is just beginning. June and Chloe’s moments of sincere support for each other are the real heart of the show, but their rarity amongst all the comedy is what makes them endearing and not sugar-coated.

As James comes to terms with the end of his Dawson’s Creek days and literally burns what he has left of the show, the gang realizes how important it is to let go of the past and look forward. Chloe insists that “you have to walk away from the past in slow motion, as it explodes behind you like in a John Woo movie!” The cast does exactly that, and starts the season off ready to move forward!

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