The season premiere of Devious Maids hit the ground running with complex plots full of mysteries and lies.

Season two opens with a puzzling scene and new characters. It is a flashback to 1999 in Beverly Hills, with an unknown little boy watching a couple argue outside his bedroom window in the driveway. As the argument escalates, the woman slaps the man across the face, and the woman runs off. The couple, new characters Nicholas (Mark Deklin) and Dahlia (Susie Abromeit), continue to argue until Dahlia runs off. Nicholas, along with his maid and the little boy, chase after her.

When they finally catch up to Dahlia on a bridge, she is frantic and screaming that she must tell someone what her husband has done and does not care if it will get him arrested. We hear screams, as the camera focuses on the clearly traumatized little boy. When the cops arrive, Nicholas and his maid, Opal (Joanna P. Adler), explain that his wife had a mental illness and she jumped off the bridge. This first scene plagues viewers with a number of questions: Who are these people? What did the wife have to confess about her husband? Did she really jump off the bridge or was she thrown off?

The next scene brings us back to the present, and it’s been three months since last season. The little boy, who we learn is named Ethan (Colin Woodell), is grown up. He still lives in the same house with Opal and her employer, Nicholas. Nicholas is preparing to propose to his new girlfriend, who is surprisingly Marisol (Ana Ortiz), the main character from last season. Nicholas’s sneaky and peculiar maid advises him not to propose because he is not ready to love again – Does Marisol know about Nicholas’s past? What exactly is his past?

The other maids have their own problems but none seem to be as troubling as what could potentially happen with Marisol. Rosie (Dania Ramirez) and her son attain asylum, allowing her to stay in California and saving her from being deported back to Mexico.

Carmen (Roselyn Sánchez) is still pretending to be the girlfriend of her famous employer Alejandro (Matt Cedeño) to cover up the fact that he is gay. And, with Carmen always attending red carpet events and fancy parties, it starts to get to her head. Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton), Alejandro’s maid, gets annoyed with Carmen’s demands and quits. However, before she could leave, her and Carmen reconcile and she agrees to stay.

Adrian (Tom Irwin) and Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky) are back from their vacation in South America. During a dinner party in their extravagant Beverly Hills home, six men, wearing ski masks and carrying guns enter and demand all the guests’ jewelry. Frantic, all the guests willingly hand it over.

Later in the episode, we see the armed robbers receive $40,000 from a pawnshop for all the jewelry. They hand out the cash to homeless people on the streets, but we never see the men’s faces. Who are these guys? Why are they doing this?

Towards the end of the episode, Rosie and Spence (Grant Show), her employer turned lover, finally reunite. He wants them to be together, but he just has one thing to tell her: his wife, Peri (Mariana Klaveno), is pregnant. Clearly shocked, Rosie tells Spence they cannot be together. Poor Rosie and Spence.

The final scene of the episode manages to complicate the plot even more, if that’s even possible. Peri is in a doctor’s office and tells the doctor she needs to get pregnant. Now.

So, Peri isn’t really pregnant? She is obviously using her pregnancy as a wedge to keep Rosie and Spence apart after she found out about their love affair last season.

I give this season premiere a four and a half out of five stars. It leaves us with more questions than answers, but isn’t that what makes Devious Maids so devious? Let’s see what lies and mysteries unfold this season.

Devious Maids airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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