As we resume our look at Larry David’s dysfunctional life in the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, we learn that he’s still living in fear from the fatwa issued on him in the season premiere. His previous attempt to rescind it failed, so how will he cope with it this week?


Larry, still in disguise, and Jeff Green begin seated in a restaurant, awaiting their meals. Jeff informs his friend how, based on musings he’s heard, Ted Danson and his ex-wife Cheryl have hooked up. They’re approached by the restaurant’s owner, who apologizes for the delay in their meals, explaining how there was a minor “disturbance.” Larry, however, finds this explanation unsatisfactory.

Larry heads to the bathroom, ultimately finding himself in the kitchen. The chef, who gets progressively angrier, says how, yes, there was a trivial disturbance that was dealt with, and asks Larry to leave. When Larry returns to his seat having achieved nothing, Jeff informs him that they have to leave. Susie’s participating in a little sister program, and her adapted girl is missing. (Larry quips at the host as they depart, mentioning how they’re too “disturbed” to eat.)

Back at Jeff’s house, Susie’s distraught over matters, although the conversation is halted once Ted and Cheryl arrive. They recognize Larry through his flimsy disguise, also commenting how they saw him at the Grand Marina hotel.

A search for Susie’s sister is enacted, with Larry borrowing Ted’s car. However, Larry finds himself at a green light behind an unmoving cop car. Larry beeps, spurring the officer to leave his car and walk over to Larry’s. The two have a back and forth, ending in the officer giving Larry a ticket. Larry’s appalled, he lives in America! He’ll fight this, saying, “No one’s above the beep! No one!”

Larry, dissatisfied with the circumstances marring his life, is home with Leon and his guard, Swat. We then cut to Larry, again donning his unconvincing disguise, arriving at Salman Rushdie’s house per his appointment. The two discuss Larry’s predicament, with Salman explaining how the fatwa isn’t a curse; it, instead, makes Larry “a man of danger,” which resonates with women. He rips off Larry’s wig, proclaiming, “The fatwa sex is beginning to circle around you.”

Both men head out to eat, discussing how the fatwa gives Larry an excuse not to do something he doesn’t feel like doing. Moreover, Salman was disappointed Jason Alexander was cast as himself in Larry’s musical, thinking Hugh Jackman would’ve been more apt. To Larry’s surprise, he’s then sent a drink by Elizabeth Banks.

Later, Larry’s again with Jeff and Susie, bragging to his longtime manager how well Salman’s advice has aided him. Larry nor Jeff are concerned over Susie’s missing person, however, respectively more invested in their missing Dr. Strangelove sunglasses and Cub’s cap. Susie’s disgusted, insisting how they “have no compassion, have no caring about another human being.” Larry admits, “There’s some partial truth to that.” Ted arrives, inspiring Larry to bring up the incident he incurred earlier, his resolve to fight his ticket remaining.

Court doesn’t go well for our protagonist. Larry attempts to give the judge a cough drop, which is eventually begrudgingly accepted. However, after the judge assures Larry he will never use it, Larry takes it back, as he would. Once focus is placed back on the case at hand, Larry portrays himself as a heroic figure fighting for the rights of his fellow citizens, though no one else views him to that standard. The judge sarcastically compares Larry to two pioneers for equal rights, with the cop likewise suggesting Harriet Tubman. (Larry isn’t knowledgeable in what she achieved, though he’s nonetheless pretty sure she’s within the “pioneer family.”) Larry is charged and dragged away by the plaintiff.

Afterwards, Larry and Elizabeth are back at the Greens’ house. Elizabeth attempts to empathize with Susie, as she’s lost her beloved cat, Mr. Noodle. Susie doesn’t correlate a cat’s life with that of a human’s, though the disagreement in their differing world views is promptly ended as a police car arrives. The recurring police officer brought Susie’s little sister. More importantly, she’s donning Larry’s sunglasses. He bursts ahead of Susie, blissfully reunited with his possession. As Larry puts it on, he notices Jeff’s cap on top of the garage. Larry is successful in retrieving it, but he damages the officer’s car while doing so. He flees with Elizabeth.

They’re at the restaurant chatting as the police officer comes, looking for Larry on account of vandalism. Larry notices, and he and Elizabeth swiftly relocate near the kitchen to craft their excuse. The police officer arrives and demands to hear Larry’s story, causing Elizabeth to give a contradictory, unpersuasive tale. “You’re coming with me,” the cop concludes, grabbing Larry and they depart through the kitchen. Larry and Elizabeth bicker throughout the episode’s final moments, with Larry challenging her acting prowess as the chef gets angry at his presence.

Overall, “A Disturbance in the Kitchen” was a great episode. Larry’s interactions with his peers, both the guest stars and the recurring members, were reminiscent of Curb‘s best episodes. Moreover, Larry’s thinly veiled jealously regarding Cheryl and Ted remains an interesting subplot.

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