Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the tension between LVP, Rinna, and Eileen carried over into Dorit’s 40th birthday party. At the party, Vanderpump made several snide remarks to the two women but passed them off as jokes. Hoping to move forward, Rinna apologized to Vanderpump for being too harsh on her last season and the two ladies made amends. On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen says goodbye to her late mother’s house, Kyle and Rinna take NYC, and at Pump’s White Party, Dorit and Erika butt heads.

RHOBH Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: “Going Commando”

The episode opens with Lisa Rinna and her daughter flying to NYC to visit her other daughter Delilah as she pursues her modeling career. Kyle and her daughter are also in NYC to work on Kyle’s store that is opening in the Upper East Side. The two women discuss the drama with Lisa Vanderpump (yes…again) and Rinna is relieved that she and Vanderpump agreed to move forward. Kyle isn’t convinced that the drama is over; she believes that LVP is just biding her time and may revisit the altercation later.

In an emotional scene Eileen says goodbye to her late mother’s house. The passing of Eileen’s mother, just three months prior, has left Eileen feeling ashamed of her grief. Eileen decides to go to therapy to better understand her emotions. Apparently, her feelings of shame go back to her childhood where should would feel embarrassed if her parents fought in front of her friends. Eileen’s therapist taught her to embrace her emotions and not stifle them for others’ comfort levels.

Later Pump hosts a White Party and Lisa, Dorit, Kyle, and Erika attend. As Dorit’s husband, PK, and Lisa jokingly jab at one another, Erika remarks that British humor is mean and insulting. Dorit (with her fake accent) tells Erika that Americans need to stop taking things so seriously. Erika fires back, “You’re American! You were born in Connecticutt!” (my queen). Lisa then reaches her hand up Erika’s dress and asks if she has any nude underwear for Kyle to wear. Erika tells Lisa that she isn’t wearing any underwear, much to the shock of the other ladies (and to the delight of PK). Back at home, Dorit remarks that Erika should’ve behaved more “ladylike” while PK admits that he didn’t mind the view.

The preview for next week’s episode shows Lisa Rinna’s QVC appearance, the ladies taking part in Escape the Room, and Dorit gossiping about Erika’s lack of underwear. In an attempt to be cheeky, Dorit buys Erika a pair of panties and it doesn’t appear to go over well. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Housewives Side Notes:


    • Is a cool mom. – debatable
    • Wants Harry to build her cabinets.
    • Cast Alicia Silverstone to play her mother in the show about her childhood.
    • Had a lot more freedom as a child than her children do.


Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Wanted to buy Ken a donkey for his birthday.
  • Wants Harry to tend to her puppies.
  • Brings out the humor, the fun, the fabulousness, and the glam.
  • Claims her underwear is too small for Kyle. –LOL


  • Found some “hot bitches” for her newest music video.
  • Wants Harry to reorganize her underwear drawer.
  • Her friendship and respect is earned and not just given.
  • Wouldn’t break up a beautiful design with a panty line.-Same




  • Hasn’t used a rubber in a long time.Umm…
  • Thinks Erika is snooty, cold, and frigid.
  • Believes it would be easier to get Boy George to date women than to negotiate with her two-year-old.
  • Has never ordered something from the kid’s menu for her son.



  • Was a reject model.
  • Wishes she didn’t have drama with Yolanda so she can ask her for advice on Delilah’s modeling career.
  • Runs naked around the house every day. –“MOM STOP”
  • Because of her small hips and narrow birth canal, Delilah was born with a stretched head.




  • She and her mom were best friends.
  • Keeps her mother in her heart always.
  • Doesn’t like to make people uncomfortable.
  • Has lost a lot of family members in a short amount of time. -Poor Eileen
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