The Hero, directed by Brett Haley, stars Sam Elliott as Lee Hayden. Elliott’s co-stars are Laura Prepon as Charlotte Dylan, Nick Offerman as Jeremy Frost, and Krysten Ritter as Lucy Hayden.


Elliott’s latest role is one that is almost autobiographical for him, as Lee is a revered Western symbol who headlined classic films in the genre. However, Lee’s life is currently stuck in a rut; he has an inoperable cancer, his current body of work is limited to paltry radio advertisements, and he’s estranged from his daughter, Lucy. Jeremy, Lee’s only true friend, is a former co-star of his who has gone on to become his drug dealer. Our lead’s life does change for the better when the strikingly younger Charlotte enter it, as the two quickly develop a rapport and begin a relationship.

The Hero’s plot has its predicable moments, the pacing can be slow and the script could be more efficient in drawing us into Hayden’s story. Regardless, the cast did a great job with what they had, with Elliott’s performance being the film’s greatest asset. His subdued performance is accentuated with genuine emotion as his character’s finite lifespan and unresolved relationships dawn on him. Elliott’s face initially maintains a calm, level-headed demander, occasionally affixing it with a smirk. Seeing his expressions contort to other, less pleasant emotions later on accentuates his character’s weakening grip on his grim forecast. His resolution at the end of the film, however, is modestly satisfying.

The Hero’s Blu-ray disc offers little in the way of bonus content. Aside from a requisite commentary track, the primary extra is a photo gallery that houses about 25 different stills. Aside from those, all on offer is are few trailers for a few other films. 

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