Previously on Survivor at Ikabula, Sunday and Bret were outnumbered by Millennials four to two while at Vanua, Zeke continued to grow closer to the remaining Gen Xers. At Takali, “Figtails” decided to go public with their relationship because they along with Adam held the majority in their tribe. After Takali lost the Immunity challenge, Adam was in control and had to decide which duo he would side with, “Figtails” or Jessica and Ken. At Tribal, Taylor threatened Adam to vote out Ken, while Ken and Jessica pointed out the threat of keeping a power couple in the game. As the votes were read, Figtails is blindsided when Adam sided with Ken and Jessica to make Figgy the sixth person voted out of Survivor.

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 7 Recap

Takali Night 18

As Takali returns from Tribal, Adam explains to Taylor his reasoning for voting out Figgy, saying that Figgy being sacrificed was best for his game. Taylor pretends to be cool with Adam’s betrayal but vows to destroy him, saying that this has become a total game of revenge for him now (YAS Tay, avenge your girl).

Vanua Day 19


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David analyzes his tribe and believes that if Vanua is forced to go to Tribal that Michelle will likely be the one voted out, although he wouldn’t put it past Ginger Hulk to side with the Millennials to vote him out.  In an attempt to solidify his place in Vanua, David shows Zeke his idol and tells him that he wants to go to the end together. Zeke says he is very happy that David trusts him with his life in this game and that he will “take good care of his life…for the time being” (Yikes).

-Reward Challenge-

As Takali walks into the challenge, the Millennials are shocked to see that Figgy was voted out last Tribal. Michaela is smiling when she sees Figgy is gone and says “it was time for Figgy to go home for a while now, bye Felicia” (LOL. Michaela: Queen of Shade).

For the Reward challenge, the tribes must work together to unwind and release three balls. They must then shoot the balls into a basket and push them through a rope tunnel. Once all three balls are through the rope tunnel, the tribes must try and land each of the balls on a narrow perch. First tribe to finish will have a chef come to their camp and cook a variety of food for them including: chicken, garlic shrimp, salad, and cheesecake. The second tribe to finish won’t receive a private chef but will receive several kabobs that they must cook for themselves and the last tribe to finish will return to camp empty-handed.

Almost immediately, Vanua is struggling with this challenge as Ikabula and Takali take an early lead. Zeke and Michelle make up a lot of time for Vanua during the rope tunnel, propelling their tribe into first place. Ginger Hulk maintains the momentum for Vanua winning reward for his tribe. Despite a middling performance by Will and Hannah at the rope tunnel, Michaela finishes strong for Ikabula winning them the second reward, sending Takali home with nothing.  After another strong challenge performance by Michaela, she worries that people will begin seeing her as a threat and vote her out.

Ikabula Day 20

Hannah doesn’t trust Bret and questions him about his job. Bret, a police sergeant, claims to be a funeral director. Unconvinced, Hannah begins grilling Bret about what working as a funeral director is like. Once Bret goes off to walk with Sunday, Hannah tells the Millennials that she is 70% sure that Bret is actually a cop (P.I. Hannah for the win). Hannah wants to cast doubt on Bret and his occupation because she believes he is untrustworthy and should be voted out soon.

-Immunity Challenge-

At the Immunity challenge, tribes must race to throw coconuts into a net. Once the net is heavy enough a flag will drop revealing three numbers. Using these numbers, tribes must figure out a combination lock to unlock a slingshot. Using the slingshot, the tribes must knock down five targets. The first two tribes to knock down all of their targets will win immunity.

Takali takes an early lead and dominates this challenge as Daddy Ken connects with his tribe’s last target to win immunity. Michelle struggles with the combination lock for Vanua, but their tribe is redeemed as Ginger Hulk makes quick work with the slingshot, sending Ikabula to Tribal for the first time.

Back at Ikabula everyone is silent and Sunday and Bret know that one of them will be leaving tonight. The consensus is to vote out Bret because the Millennials believe he is lying about his occupation and is generally less trustworthy than Sunday. Michaela makes a diagram out of shells and rocks to show her fellow Millennials that if they hold their four person alliance they can easily make it to the end of the game. The diagram alerts Jay to how intelligent Michaela is and added to her challenge prowess makes her a huge threat come merge (ruh roh). Jay and Will are considering blindsiding Michaela but aren’t sure yet because even though she is a challenge beast, she is loyal to them and far more trustworthy than Bret is.

At Tribal, Jeff states that Vanua and Takali saw their majority alliances voting out one of their own in the past two Tribals (foreshadowing?). Michaela isn’t worried about that happening because her tribe doesn’t have any sketchy people on it like the other two tribes. Jay thinks that after tonight’s vote the tribe will move forward with stronger bonds and Michaela agrees that the trust between everyone will continue to grow after Tribal. As the votes are read, all hell breaks loose as Michaela realizes she is being blindsided. Hannah looks on dumbfounded as Michaela whips around to look at Jay, “Did you do that?” to which Jay smugly replies “Yeah, I did that”. Michaela grabs her torch and looks back at Jay “Damn Jay, you just f—-‘d up” and proceeds to call him an a—hole as her torch is snuffed (WHY didn’t you reveal his idol, Michaela?!). The preview for next week’s episode shows the three tribes merging and Hannah plotting her revenge against Jay (YAS Hannah snipe his ass). Tune in next Wednesday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.

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