Previously on this season of Survivor tribes were split by generation: Millennials and Gen X. After a series of devastating blindsides, daring idol plays, and even a dreaded rock drawing only six castaways remain. Adam, Jay, Hannah, Bret, Ken, and David all employed different strategies to get them to this point and each pose a threat to win the million-dollar prize. Six will become three before the jury takes control and crowns the winner of Survivor.

‘Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X’ Episode 14 Recap

Vinaka Night 35

Returning from Tribal, Jay is left feeling barren and naked (hawt) after unnecessarily using his idol. Jay plans to search for his idol first thing in the morning, now that it is back in play.

Knowing he is the biggest threat left in the game, David plans to create a little chaos to survive. Throughout the game he has been collecting trinkets from tree mail, water bottles, etc. and uses them to forge a fake immunity idol. David’s ingenuity even goes as far as to paint a coconut and hide the fake idol inside of it. With the fake idol successfully planted near camp, David hopes to “catch a fish” (LOVE this shady bitch).


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Day 36

Jay is off searching for an idol early in the morning and is interrupted by Ken and David. Feigning a search for coconuts, Jay walks back to camp with the guys and spots David’s trap queen idol. Ecstatic that the “train of losers” didn’t spot the idol, Jay is unaware that he fell into David’s trap.

As it is Day 36 Ken can finally open his “Legacy Advantage” that he received from Jessica. The advantage grants Daddy Ken immunity at the next Tribal (yas).

Immunity Challenge

For the Immunity challenge, players must race through a series of obstacles while collecting a bag of tiles. They will then use the numbered tiles to solve a combination lock to retrieve a key to unlock puzzle pieces. First person to complete their puzzle will win immunity and reward, a steak dinner back at camp.

Jay takes an early lead and is the first to get his key unlocked, but forgets to cover his answers. David (and then the others) takes advantages of Jay’s mistake and copies his answers. Due to his misstep, Jay loses his large lead as everyone else catches up to him at the puzzle. David manages to complete his puzzle first and wins immunity and reward (YAS David and Daddy Ken are safe! *deathdrop*). Jay uses the reward advantage Adam gave him and picks he and David to join him on reward.

On reward, Jay hopes to sway David and Adam to vote Bret at Tribal and save his fake idol for the Tribal after. Jay promises Adam and David that he’ll take them to the final three. David considers this as leaving Jay, a bigger threat, in the game will guarantee him one more Tribal. Back at Vinaka, Bret tells Ken and Hannah that Jay is too good at competition to leave in the game.

David is on board with taking out Bret because he has friends on the jury. Adam reiterates Bret’s thoughts of Jay being too good at challenges to allow him one more Tribal. Jay makes a final plea to Adam before Tribal, promising to take him to final three. Adam is unsure of how he will vote because he isn’t sure he can beat Jay in the end.

At Tribal, Jeff brings up Jay’s strategic choice to pick David and Adam for reward. Jay explains that he needed to explain to Adam and David that Bret is very popular with the jury. Bret looks at the jury and points out that he sees a lot of Jay’s friends on the jury, as well.  Jeff asks Ken if he thinks anyone has an idol and Ken doubts it because everyone is always together.

Before the votes are read, Jay stands up to play his fake idol and boasts that he “isn’t going home” (LOL). Jeff announces that the idol is fake and Jay’s jaw hits the floor (I’M CRYING LOL) as David smirks. Ken also plays his “Legacy Advantage” granting him immunity, also.  As the votes are read Jay is voted out and becomes the fifteenth person voted out of Survivor and the eighth member of the jury.

Day 37

Immunity Challenge

For the Immunity challenge, players must maneuver a buoy through a series of obstacles. Once through they must then transport puzzles pieces over a teeter totter to the puzzle station.  First player to complete their word puzzle will win immunity.

Surprisingly David is in the lead despite his awful track record with water challenges and buoys. Ken takes the lead and reaches the second station first.  Everyone reaches the puzzle station and begins working on their puzzles. Ken manages to figure out the word puzzle first and wins immunity (YAS Daddy Ken).

Adam is glad David didn’t win because he is too big of a threat to have at final three. Adam is searching for an idol and falls LOL to make sure David doesn’t find it before Tribal. David tells Ken and Hannah that Adam should be voted out before Bret because he is better at challenges. Bret covers for Adam and says he is having stomach issues while he searches for the idol. Adam finds the idol (David NOOOO) and he and Bret are planning to blindside David. Before Tribal Adam tells Hannah about his idol and plan to vote David. Hannah says that all the boys are blinded by their arrogance and unaware that she is playing her own game (sniper queen Hannah).

At Tribal David being a threat to win Survivor is brought up again.   David directs attention back to Bret explaining that he still has a lot of friends on the jury. Before the votes are read, Adam plays his idol much to the delight of the jury.  Hannah’s vote leaves Adam in shock as it is revealed that she sided with Ken and David (atta girl). Bret becomes the sixteenth person voted out of Survivor and the ninth member of the jury.

After Tribal, Adam badgers Hannah about her decision to keep David. Hannah explains that keeping David was the only way she was ensured to reach final three.

Final Immunity Challenge

Players must use a long pole (sure, Ken’s?)  to maneuver a bowl through a channel. Once a bowl is through the channel they must stack it on top of the structure.  The structure is attached to a spring and one touch will send the stack crashing down. First person to stack thirteen bowls or the person with the most bowls after thirty minutes will win immunity.

Adam, Ken, and Hannah are tied at ten when David knocks his stack over.  Soon after Hannah, Ken, and Adam’s stacks fall over which essentially starts the challenge over. With two minutes left, Hannah is in the lead with ten. Adam waits hoping that Hannah’s stack will tip within the last minute, but fortunately for Hannah that doesn’t happen. As the timer sounds, Hannah and Ken are tied with ten bowls each. The two must start over and play for an additional five minutes with the same rules applied. After a nail biter of a showdown, Ken inches past Hannah to win the final immunity bringing him to his knees and to tears (LUVUDADDYKEN).

Day 38

David is glad Ken won because he has faith in Ken’s loyalty and trust (can’t stop won’t stop shipping them). Hannah tells Adam that she’ll try to convince Ken to vote David, hoping to save Adam from a fire making challenge. Ken tells Hannah that he’s absolutely the closest to David because they’ve bonded since day one (America’s favorite couple or maybe just mine?).

At the penultimate Tribal, Jeff is complimenting Hannah on her growth from an indecisive player into a woman of conviction.  David’s confidence in Ken’s loyalty is glaringly obvious as he boasts to Adam that he has played a better game than him. Hannah, Adam, and David each pitch their cases for who Ken should vote out (PLEASE KEN KEEP YOUR PROMISE). As the votes are read, David becomes the sixteenth person voted out of Survivor and the tenth member of the jury. Ken hugs David on his way out and tells him that he loves him (I KNEW IT. I’m also devastated).

Day 39

As the sun rises on the final day, Ken feels great about how he played his game with loyalty and integrity except for when you betrayed David.  The final three share a feast as they prepare for the jury’s questions, each believing they deserve to win Survivor.

The standout question from the jury was asked by Jessica. Jessica calls Ken out for preaching loyalty and honesty and then betraying David one day before keeping his final three promise (YES GIRL TELLEM).  Ken starts to cry, explaining that David was his number two alliance and that his daughter is his number one. Ken explains that voting David out was the hardest decision he has had to make (I forgive you Daddy Ken!!).

Adam and Ken try to steamroll Hannah in front of the jury, accusing her of being a flipper. Michelle brings up an interesting point, asking Hannah how many votes she was on the wrong side of. Hannah explains that she has only been on the wrong side of one vote the entire game, Michaela’s blindside (impressive). Ginger Hulk gives Adam credit for Ken’s choice to vote out David, angering Ken. After this proclamation, GH then tells the rest of the jury that Adam is the one that most deserves to win Survivor (#byeGingerHulk).

After the jury finishes their questions, Adam reveals that his mother is dying from cancer and that he wants to win Survivor for her. With Adam’s depressing reality revealed, Hannah and Ken’s chances to win the million-dollar prize diminish regardless of their gameplay.

It is now time for the jury to cast their votes for the winner of Survivor. Jeff, with the votes in hand, enters CBS Studios in Los Angeles to reveal the winner live. By a unanimous vote Adam (not Daddy Ken :/) was chosen as the winner of Survivor and the million-dollar prize. Jeff reveals the theme for next season’s Survivor as “Game Changers”, which brings back some of the game’s most memorable players. Tune in next February for an all-new season of Survivor.

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