I’m not sure what I did to deserve this blessing but two castaways were sent packing on this week’s Survivor, so let’s get started.  Previously on Survivor Zeke’s alliance held a numbers advantage over David’s coalition, but Will was ready to make a big move and considered flipping on Zeke. At Tribal Council Adam played his idol to save Hannah but that proved unnecessary as Will had decided to vote out Zeke anyway, making him the twelfth person voted out of Survivor and the fifth member of the jury.

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 13 Recap

Vinaka Night 33

Riding on a high from his big move at Tribal, Will boasts that he is the most valuable person left on the island. He plans to continue flipping back and forth between both alliances to move further in the game.

Day 34


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At dawn break, Bret and Sunday talk game with Adam at tree mail. Bret says that Jay, Will, and David are the biggest threats left and should be the next three to go. Adam agrees and likes the idea of a final five with Bret, Sunday, Ken, and Hannah.

Immunity Challenge

For the Immunity challenge players must race out to a group of discs, stack them, and transport them over a balance beam and through a wire maze. Once players transfer all ten discs through the obstacles, they must then roll their discs into a target. First castaway to roll all ten of their discs into the target wins immunity.

David, Ken, Bret, and Jay make short work of the obstacles while Adam, Hannah, Sunday, and Will fall behind. David, Bret, and Jay are rolling their discs while Will is left struggling on the balance beam (LOL). Jay rolls all ten of his discs into the target deftly and wins individual immunity.

Back at Vinaka, Jay tells Will that Ken is a bigger threat than David because David is bad in challenges.  Will disagrees and convinces Jay that David should be voted out first because he cannot be trusted. Will, believing he is controlling the game, tells everyone to cut off the head of the snake and vote David.

Adam is noticing Will’s rise to power and is growing weary of it. Adam tells Bret that he doesn’t want to work with Will because Will is a flip flopper. Bret and Sunday agree with Adam and vow to vote his way.

At Tribal Jeff addresses Will’s big move and decision to flip on Zeke’s alliance. David explains that making big moves in Survivor is a double-edged sword. Big moves must be made to win the game, but with each move made players become bigger threat themselves. Jeff announces it is time to vote and David and Will know they are both on the chopping block. As the votes are read it is revealed that Jay and Will’s plan to vote out David has backfired (YASSS). Will receives six votes and becomes the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor and the sixth member of the jury.

Night 34

After Tribal Jay refers to himself as the black plague of Survivor. He explains that each time he has made a plan with someone that person has gone home. Jay says that he and Adam have a yin-yang (I think you mean love-hate?) relationship. While talking game, Adam tells Jay that David is his target but intends to blindside Jay or flush his idol.

Day 35

Immunity Challenge

For the Immunity challenge, players must solve a block puzzle with a twist. The puzzle includes a timer in the form of a Survivor pinball machine. Players must roll a ball up their pinball machine and race to complete their puzzle before their ball drops. If a player’s ball drops they will receive a time penalty in which they must wait for their ball to slowly roll down the bottom of the machine before continuing their puzzle again. Castaways will have to split their focus between their puzzle and their pinball machine in order to win immunity.

Jay, David, and Ken make quick progress on their puzzles. Ken, believing he has completed his puzzle, calls Jeff over. Unfortunately he has the word “millennials” spelled incorrectly (well at least he’s hot), which leaves room for Jay and David to catch up. Adam helps Ken by keeping an eye on his ball (same) which allows Ken to completely focus on his puzzle instead. With Adam’s help, Ken is able to complete his puzzle before both Jay and David and wins individual Immunity (YES DADDY KEN).

Back at Vinaka, Ken and David go off to grab firewood and talk game. Jay questions Adam on his decision to help Ken and Adam says it was the only way to ensure that David didn’t win immunity.  David tells Ken and Hannah that they should vote Bret in order to make sure David doesn’t go home if Jay plays his idol. Hannah petitions to vote out Sunday instead because she is an enticing goat and thinks that Adam will flip on them to bring Sunday to the end instead.

Adam tries to convince Ken to split the votes between Jay and David so that David would go home if Jay plays his idol. Ken says he definitely wants to walk back from Tribal tonight with David because he is his closest ally and friend in the game (and lover??).

Adam warns Jay that he should play his idol at Tribal, but Jay thinks Adam may be lying. The two discuss game a bit more before confiding in each other about their mothers’ health issues. Adam tells Jay about his mother’s cancer and Jay reveals his mother suffered from a brain aneurism. The two share a touching moment over their shared fears of losing their mothers.

At Tribal Jay tries to convince the tribe that David is a bigger threat than he is. Jay states that David still has friends in the game while Jay does not. David explains that Jay’s “free agent” status makes him a bigger threat because he holds no allegiance to anyone. Jeff then turns to Sunday and asks if she believes she is perceived as a threat by the tribe. Sunday says that she is a great person to take to the end but that people may be underestimating her ability to win. Before the votes are read Jay begrudgingly plays his idol which proves to be unnecessary. Sunday receives four votes and becomes the fourteenth person voted out of Survivor and the seventh member of the jury.

The preview for next week’s two hour season finale shows David creating a fake idol, Ken opening his “Legacy Advantage” and the final six competing for a seat at Final Tribal. Tune in next Wednesday at 8pm EST for the two hour season finale of Survivor.


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