Previously on Survivor at the last tribal council the castaways were forced to draw rocks after a deadlocked vote. Jessica was the unlucky recipient of the black rock and became the eleventh person voted out of Survivor and the fourth member of the jury. As she was eliminated Jessica willed her ‘Legacy Advantage’ to her ally Ken.

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 12 Recap

Vinaka Night 30

Returning from tribal council Hannah feels guilty that her alliance had to draw rocks to keep her safe. David feels equally despondent about Tribal as he wasted his idol and now finds his alliance in the minority. Conversely, Zeke is elated and feels like a warrior after Tribal. He believes that he can easily make it to final five with his alliance now. Zeke admits that although he wants to win Survivor, he’ll be just as happy to see David voted out (spiteful).

Day 31


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Daddy Ken feels blessed to receive Jessica’s ‘Legacy Advantage’ in his bag when he wakes up. He hopes to use the authentic connections he’s made to win and give his daughter a better life (OUR daughter).

Reward Challenge

The anticipated ‘loved ones’ challenge arrives as the castaways’ family members and spouses join them for the reward challenge. Adam tells all the loved ones about his reward advantage but says that he won’t use it for this challenge because he can’t take a loved one away from one of his fellow castaways (ok well I def would’ve snatch a loved one).

For the challenge players are attached to a rope that is woven through a series of obstacles. First player to race through the obstacles and untangle the rope wins a barbecue at camp with their loved ones. After a tightly fought race between Zeke, Ken, and Jay, Jay is victorious and chooses Sunday, Will, and Adam to share in his reward.


Jay really respects Adam’s decision for not using his advantage and wanted to repay him by bringing him on reward. Adam is thankful for the time he has with his brother because he needs to know how his mother (who is fighting stage four lung cancer) is doing. Despite stopping her cancer treatments, Adam’s mother is regaining a lot of strength knowing her son is on Survivor, one of her and her family’s favorite shows.  Wanting to thank Jay for bringing him on the reward, Adam gives his advantage to Jay (ok so Adam is clearly a much better person than I am).

Returning from reward, Will is invigorated by his mother’s visit and wants to make a big move. Will tells David and Adam that Zeke is the biggest threat and needs to be voted out next Tribal (PLS).

Immunity Challenge

For the Immunity challenge each player must hold two handles which they will use to keep tension on a steel bar. At any point if tension is released the bar will drop and the player will be eliminated. Last player standing will win immunity. David falls out of the challenge almost immediately (me) with Hannah and Will eliminated shortly after.  Bret and Sunday fall out next, leaving just four competitors remaining. Zeke drops next (YAS) and Ken follows suit. Only Jay and Adam remain after just four minutes have elapsed, a testament to how difficult this challenge is. Finally, Jay drops his bar and Adam wins individual immunity.

Day 33

After the Immunity challenge David tells his alliance to vote for Zeke because Will is going to flip. Jay notices that David isn’t as neurotic and paranoid as usual. Zeke assumes David’s calm demeanor is because he has an idol so they should vote Ken instead (how dare you).

Daddy Ken pulls Will aside to have a conversation with him to see if he is trustworthy. Ken explains that he doesn’t just have a five minute conversation with someone and hop into bed with them (we can have as long of a conversation as you need Ken). In order to garner Ken’s trust, Will tells him that Zeke’s alliance is planning to vote Ken instead. Ken is hurt by this information and immediately grabs Jay and tells him what Will said (WHY KEN). Zeke’s alliance approaches Will and Will admits to his plan to vote Zeke out but now wants to vote out Ken. Zeke is worried that David will use his idol (um he doesn’t have one) on Ken so they change their vote to Hannah instead.

At Tribal, the insanity from camp continues as David explains to Jeff that Will is now the swing vote. Sunday says that Will was swayed by David’s side because he wanted to play with the big kids.Sunday’s statement encapsulates Will’s frustration with Zeke’s alliance because they all assume he is a naïve eighteen year old and not actually playing Survivor to win. Both sides continue to pander for Will’s allegiance as Jeff announces it is time to vote. As the votes are about to be read, Adam stands up and plays his hidden immunity idol for Hannah (*deathdrop*) which nullifies all votes against her. Adam made the right decision by playing his idol for Hannah, but it didn’t matter as Will had cast his vote for Zeke, too. Receiving five votes Zeke becomes the twelfth person voted out of Survivor and the fifth member of the jury (#notawarrior).

The preview for next week’s episode shows Will trying to take charge of the game but Adam has other ideas and exposes Will’s tendency to flip on his alliances.  Tune in next Wednesday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.

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