Previously on Scandal, Vargas’ (Ricardo Chavira) assassin is revealed while Huck (Guillermo Díaz) suspects a traitor among his group of colleagues and begins to lose trust in everyone.


The episode opens with a flashback of election night with Vargas. He is preaching about a world without bigotry, hate and fear. It then shows Abby (Darby Stanchfield,) the President’s Chief of Staff, being escorted away as she learns about Vargas’ assassination.

She gets a phone call from a mysterious person and she acknowledges that the person on the phone shot the president-elect. The person on the phone asks her to leave with them but says she can’t because the president would notice.

In the current day, Abby meets with two people about the Grant Foundation and their role in building the president’s new library. They announce that they’re not interested in the president but interested with Abby. They want their three-hundred million dollars to go to her, not the president.

They suggest that they want her to express her ideas and eventually get her to run for President. They convince her she’s the perfect candidate. She politely declines.

Abby meets with Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and they discuss her possibly leaving the president’s office. Cyrus warns her that he won’t be supportive, he’ll feel abandoned.

President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) discusses wanting to move to Vermont and start a “real life” for himself but Abby won’t allow it. She says his legacy is worth more. She then tells him that Olivia (Kerry Washington) isn’t going to want to move to Vermont with him. She then calls the investors and confirm that offer.

We learn that the person who called Abby in the beginning was one of the investors she met with earlier in the episode. They inform her that they’re the ones who had him shot. They give her explicit directions to follow in order to stay out of jail and not be tipped off.

She gets to the hospital where Vargas’ body is being held and starts demanding orders of people. A member of the group she’s somehow now working with shows up and asks her to plant evidence, then they show her they’ve got her boyfriend tied up. This forces her to follow their instructions.

Her efforts to get someone to perform an autopsy become a challenge for her. But she does what is necessary to plant the evidence she needs. Pulling one of the bullets out herself. She is promised the safe return of her boyfriend if they are pleased with her actions.

Abby returns home and finds her boyfriend on the floor. He has no recollection of who attacked him or why. She finds out that these people have blackmailed Cyrus. When she goes to speak with the attorney general, she’s stopped by one of the investors. It turns out the investor is dating the general, an obvious attempt to stop Abby from squealing on them.

The episode ends with Abby attempting to get Cyrus out of jail by announcing that Jennifer Fields (Chelsea Kurtz) is alive. The investors send both Huck and one of their agents, Jennifer Field’s friend and Huck’s ally, to retrieve Fields. The agent shoots Fields and Huck, presumably killing them both.

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